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Time to take this Seriously Guy's ....


I've just watched this Shocking video of a Fit and healthy gym goer who's urging everyone to look after themselves, it's pretty disturbing and emphasises this isn't just some mild type of flu. I think we'll be moaning about more than our order being late if we don't keep our sanitary standards high:

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These are citizens..,not police or military..,standing on the stairs of the Michigan State Capitol. Would say mostly militia and 3%ers members (Molon labe). They also caused a traffic jam for hours with their pick up trucks. They are protesting the Stay at Home order which is to prevent the spread of the covid virus. Face masks are optional. A long gun will protect them from the virus.

Not involving politics what do you think of this statement about it. Since I am in a hard hit state and no this can get worse there I would have to disagree. Basically its the argument the economy is more important than lives. Since their state currently has a low death rate I understand how they feel that way. But as we have seen that can change overnight.

"“Quarantine is when you restrict movement of sick people. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people,” Maddock told ... News. “Every person has learned a harsh lesson about social distancing. We don’t need a nanny state to tell people how to be careful.”

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260 Dead here in the last 24 hrs - This is becoming beyond Shocking ....

How on earth are they ever going to stop this?

What's even worse is 10% of people are still going round to friends houses!

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First the Prince gets it and now PM Boris got it. Good chance most of Parliament has it. All older guys that dont look to healthy to begin with. House of Commons would be an ideal place to easily get it.

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Couldn't believe that when I saw it come on the news today, and the Health minister etc. But in reality I guess when you think these guys have so much close proximity contact with people from all around the world who are highly infected with it then it was always going to happen. You'd have thought they would have kept their distance more but then no one predicted it would be anything like this did they. Daily Death rates here are climbing massively now. How's your Wife doing with it?

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Everyone was taking off guard by this. People thought it was not going to effect them. And people still think it is not going. So they dont take the precautions and this stuff spreads like a wildfire.

Wife is feeling sick though it doesnt seem to be as bad as the flu. But is more upset that she gave it to my 10 yrs old. That was her fear since she got it. They should both be fine it is just a waiting process for the virus to run its course.
And being on lock down in the house sucks esp. no gym.
Could be worse if I was in the county jail which is infested with it.

Wish I had the home gym set up that I read you have in another thread.

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Ya know the funny thing is if a debt collector ever turned up after funds that I owed yeah I wouldn't like it but they could take the car, TV & sofa's Lol BUT if they ever went near my 45's or other gear and tried to take that they simply would not make it out alive, I'd fight them till death Lmao

Is it not frightening being around people who have the virus or are you just use to it now?

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No I am use to it. Have my own health issues and the fall/winter I always get sick anyway. Plus having younger kids they are germ magnets. So they normally get sick and then everyone in the house gets it.
This just has the issue of everything being locked down and the finical impact it will have.

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Here there is a complete lockdown. You can't go out if you're not going to work or shop for essential items in the close proximity of your home.
If the police catches you walking without those 2 reasons they fine you 300$ to 1100$ and guarded quarantine. Also, elders 65+ are not allowed to get out even for shopping essential items.
At work they try to rob you by making you sign for unpaid forlough, instead of going to tehnical unemployment and get 75% of salary covered.
It kinda sucks but what can you do, that's the best way to deal with it.. like we're in spanish flu days, 100 years ago. Same measures, nothing changed it seems

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Out of interest how have people been finding keeping to the Social distancing rule? Here we have to stay 2 metres from each other even when in the street. I've been mainly moving about at night so it hasn't affected me yet but how have others found it during the day and in shops etc?

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Its not hard in the state I reside in because the governor ordered every non-essential person to stay in their house. All non-essential businesses, schools, churches and stores are closed and basically everything is closed. Playgrounds are locked so no jail house calisthenics on the kids playground. They took rims off some off the basketball nets.
I did go out to get take out and there was only a few customers. So I just kept my distance. You can still get food delivered or picked up. Just cant sit in to eat it.
Good thing my wife cuts my hair as barbershops are closed. Guys are going to be going a couple of months without haircuts. I know that is small in the scope of things. But I get a buzz cut so after a couple of weeks it is very annoying when it starts to grow out.
Didn't realize until today when I looked at a map of the US and how this is state by state. Some on total shut down. While still others running somewhat normal.
Guessing it has to do with how densely populated the state is and how srs the of each state is taking precautions against the spread of this virus.

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Holy Sh**! So what happens if you were to go out now and walk around for an hour - could the cops arrest you?

Even Barbershops, don't think thats happened here yet but I bet it will with you having to be in close proximity to the barber.

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It isnt illegal..,yet..,to leave your house and walk around. The police will break it up if its a large group starting to gather and hang out. They have a curfew from 20:00 to 06:00. Not sure if its enforced or a strong suggestion.

Beauty Saloons and nails too...,women are going to go

Not just close proximity with the barber and other customers but the buzzer and scissors would need to be properly disinfected.

Was at one place yesterday that actually made each person stand 6 ft apart. Due to the size of it they only let in 5 at a time.

I am not from Ohio but this is a map of the US showing the most to least restrictive states.

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Shit I've just read deaths in the UK have nearly doubled again to 56 in one damn day! I really don't think this thing will be just limited to just the elderly and those with health conditions in the end.

Hope nobody on here gets it - that really will be a bit too close to home.

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Gyms one state is not letting folks leave their house... whats worse, getting the corona virus or setting the country into a recession? I understand two week slow down, but what happens in two weeks when the virus cases are up up because we have more test? As Americans we cant afford to take months off. Everyone is raving about a stimulus package that would send $1200 a person, 2400 a couple and 500 a kid. So say I have two kids, that is 3400, that would pay most folks monthly bills sure, but its not going to pay for all the jobs lost, the investments lost. I am glad they are working on getting money to people that need it, I personally fall in a tax bracket to high but it is what it is. If they keep instilling fear and taking freedoms away for an extended period of time all hell is going to break out. I pray for everyone and I pray for the future. As for now gym goers, dust off the perfect pull up, break out the ab roller, and get the rubber bands going... oh and push ups and walks outside to keep your sanity. Hope to be back on here to talk about our nation being stronger for sticking together and treating everyone good, god bless.

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Lost my job today.
They say they’ll hire us back once this blows over but who the hell knows when that will be.

Can’t even go to the gym to vent. I’ve gotta jerk these fucking exercise bands around like a goddamn bikini competitor.

I’m taking this very fucking seriously right about now. If folks aren’t careful they’ll start seeing muggings in the street. Everybody’s gotta eat.

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Do you live in the states?
I thought I read somewhere that jobs can’t fire you and if your renting a home you can’t lose your home

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Jobs can definitely fire you. Technically it’s a “lay-off” which means it was financially motivated by the company (they couldn’t afford your salary) rather than a performance based or disciplinary action.

Regarding rent and such it’s county by county but many areas are implementing a short term ban on evictions so if you don’t pay they can’t kick you out. But you’ll have to pay back the lost rent eventually.

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Jobs are laying workers off cause they are being closed by the state if consider non-essential. Which means no paycheck from them. They may not still be in business if this turns worse case and goes very long.
If you are renting a home and dont have a job there is a good chance of no money for the rent. So the owner of the building is screwed for rent.
We are on lock down and being told to stay in our home. And no one knows how long this is going to last. It is going to very bad.

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Damn dude really?! Sorry to hear that man

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Yeah man. Shut my job down on Monday. And people are already acting like idiots. Burning out in the streets. And robbings have already started. Sorry to say

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Damn man I am very sorry to hear that :-(

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I wished you lived by me id pay ya to watch the house while me and the wife are at work. We have cameras at the front door ,backyard, and inside the house. But with everyone losing there jobs i do feel robberies will increase in all areas

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I’d leave the front door cracked just to get some damn action lol. I could really use a target to vent all this damn stress.

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Mate the Looting of major stores has already begun over here down in London - People smashing the doors in to get supplies that they must not be able to get in the day once they are gone. Supermarkets are opening at 6am and after 15 minutes all the loo roll is sold out. I got one of the last boxes of eggs tonight in a huge supermarket that normally holds around a 1000 boxes a time - Had to get shitty mixed weight instead of the usual large ones I love. Feathers and hen shit all over them too still Lol No bread either but luckily I'm currently loving them on potatoe waffles Lmao

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It’s hitting you pretty hard I take it. I saw the London real guy shooting a clip in the tube, completely empty. I’m laid in with canned tuna and sardines. Frozen ground turkey and I got my hands on a case of eggs today through a restaurant contact. 15 dozen for $25.

I’m just praying we all stay safe, stay healthy, and that my brothers all over the world find a way to keep these gains we’ve worked so hard to build.

Take care of yourself my man, no precaution too small.

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Bro! The media shows us all what they want us to see! How many stories are going out about people who are cured.. not many.. this is all my options only.

This girl is definitely got it rough, but the news never tells us if the person had other health issues, family health issues, or previous health concerns. Everyone is different.

And yes, I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist.

Thanks for the post.. and I totally agree with ya! Stay healthy bro

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The media shows us all what they want us to see!

Indeed. There is always a calculated purpose behind everything they do.

And yes, I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist.

Personally, I find the term "reality analyst" more fitting. "Conspiracy theorist" was a CIA invention.