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NOOooooo Jerry Springer has died I've just read, after a short battle with cancer Sad

I spent many a night watching that show on late night TV all through my teenage years, fond memories of the many laughs I got from it.

R.I.P Jerry

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The only man daring enough to give "trailer trash" their own talkshow.

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Hmmm. That get's me thinking. Would I rather live after a long battle with cancer or go in peace after a short one?
RIP Mr. Springer. I used to love watching his show and watching Ricky Lake's weird yo yo with her weight.

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The king of shock tv....damn

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I remember I met him and Steve in Chicago early 2000's. They were at some event doing promotion. He was a pretty cool guy and funny.

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'Steve, Steve, Steve ..... I forgot about that guy!

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Yeah he was very nice dude, I really enjoyed watching him! R. I. P.