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+ 1 A Very Funny but true Article Lol


I was reading the papers this morning and came across this funny article - I know a lot of guys are happily married with children on here so not all will agree but to those of you who live by yourself like I do you'll instantly be familiar with what some of the blokes are saying! Lol

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I don't remember getting paid for this interview lol

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Haha Hero ! """Unlike one of my exes, my dog doesn’t nag me if I want to lie on the sofa and have a nap, or complain if I head out to the gym or spend hours restoring my classic Jaguar XJS sports car""""

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I am sure a lot of men, if they were to be honest, would like to do what they what when they wanted without having to worry about their woman. I know I would.

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No comment. : )

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