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RIP Matt Porter


Rx muscle, Jerry Ward and even Matt's wife confirmed he passed yeterday morning on his Facebook page. I really liked him.

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I was sitting next to his wife when he won his pro card. He was one of the good ones.

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I just read how he was laying on the floor playing with his son. And looked at his wife and said something is wrong.
Holly crap i feel so bad for his wife and son.
I real tear jerker.
Id also like to state i dont sell it !!!!!but if your a young or older guy do yourself and your family a favor and get some LIFE INSURANCE POLICY.. anything can happen we live a life we want to live and the only ones that get hurt if we pass is the ones we leave behind.. i can go tomorrow and thats 100% fine by me. But atleast i know my family will have spmething to survive on.

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Yeah he was cool guy ! RIP

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