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Not good for Blackstone or Redcon




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This reminds me of when Gaspari Nutrition got popped way back for having traces of Tbol in their products. Any true natural tested athlete would be insane to ingest any supplement product in todays market. Just not worth the risk.

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Crazy to see such an established brand playing these kinds of tricks. Natasha aughey who is a beauty was recently sponsored by them.

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I was wondering why i wanted to snort this totalwar Preworkout and I've been sober for years

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No brother im being stupid.. Its has some okay pump to it tho

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Is the owner of Redon1 one if them? I didn’t see Redcon1 actually mentioned, that sucks because I like some of there products. Oh well

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Aron singerman, PJ's old business partner owns redcon. Their trying to get both of them on super dmz.

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lol thats going to be the least of their worries. Its the money embezzling that their really going to go down for hard.

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Exactly,it’s ALL about the money! I mean they put Martha Stewart in jail over money. You mess with the governments money they’ll lock you up and throw away the key.

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So how will this affect Jason Genova? Top athlete at Blackstone

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Damn that’s rough

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Damn. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

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His azz is always on youtube. You woukd think he would cover himself better Just another guy flaunting all his money in my opinion

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Just watched a youtube of him leaning against his sportscar. Talking bs. Like 5 mins ago lmao.

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They are fucked