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Chanel's update about Rich



Apparently Rich had some issues two day's prior, but refused medical treatment according to Chanel.

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He lived his dream and his slogan:
" whatever it takes "
.... this lifestyle and ambition took him his life, may rich rest in peace with all the other guys they passed away too early.

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Never refuse to go to the hospital January this year my spleen ruptured while sitting on the couch and waited forever before accepting to go to the hospital from the emt and my wife telling me to. I'm glad I did or I would be dead right now if anyone has a weird felling or signs of heart attack or stroke just go even if it's nothing the 3000 dollar hospital bill is worth your life my spleen bills were just over 180k life is more important than anything and I'd pay that all day long to be alive it's scary as fuck to be told you might not live and yes I had insurance so the 180k was 80% covered

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Damn brother that's some scary shit glad your still here with us and + for excellent advice never doubt what your body is telling ya !!!

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Glad your still here with us brother!