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+ 2 NAC looking Hopeful against Covid 19


I thought I would make this a main News topic as Achak has just informed me that various clinical trials have shown our one and only NAC to be effective in both the prevention and cure of Covid 19. This is obviously not 110% proven yet but early clinical trials make it look very promising, here are the links to some:

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What about NMN?

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Not sure pal - I wouldn't take too much from this post either as seen as I still got Covid after having the first jab and using NAC everyday LOL

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Ya Nutter!! Lol

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I take 600mg 2 times a day. It help to liver health and boost immune system.

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I take one capsule e4d before bed, and I kind of feel well next day.

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I always find that when I take 300mg just before bed when I wake up I feel well too and have a great appetite Smile

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Thanks for sharing brotha

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No problem bud Smile

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Thank you for sharing this. I had read an article about a month ago on why NAC was becoming prescription only. The author inferred it was directly related to recent COVID studies.