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+ 2 Joey Jordison formerly of Slipknot has died :-(


Just read some really sad news I was totally unaware of - Joey Jordison who was the original Drummer from Slipknot has died in his sleep at only 46 years old.

This guy really was one of my favourite drummers of all time and an Icon to many who also played them or listened to the band especially in their earlier years before they fired him. Very sad news - a colossal talent to see play live or just in a video online. Why do so many extra ordinally talented people have to die so young? I know it won't mean much to those who never listened to them or liked their music but he was a genuinely nice human being too despite the bands image.

A Very Sad loss.

R.I.P Joey ....

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Their sound was never the same after they parted ways with him, he did a ton of snare fills that gave the music more energy. Their drummer now is far too polished and toned down

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That sucks, slipknot is one of my favorite bands to listen to especially while working out. Most of them came from poor single mom broken homes and really made something of themselves imo. Heck, you guys even kicked them out of London in 2004. You know you’re big time if you get kicked out of a country.

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I never knew you were a Slipknot fan Doggy!! Ya kept that one quiet Lol Truly an awesome drummer .....

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Just hopped into my car now and blaring Psycosocial with the windows down people staring lol!

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'I did my TIME and I want OUT!!!!!' .....

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That’s right! Maybe they are just all staring because I’m driving my 95 caprice station wagon, and that music is emanating from it lol.