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+ 1 Christian Eriksen Heart Attack


I'm sure those who follow Football in the UK will have seen this either from watching the match or in the News.

Danish Football player Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch as he was going to head the ball and had to be given Life saving CPR immediately. If you see the videos of this on Youtube you can see his feet twitching as he stares blankly ahead face down on the pitch. He clearly had a heart attack and those there ultimately saved his life.

This link contains a video with a leading cardiologist all about how to perform CPR if you think someone may need it. It's quite an eye opener as he says heart attacks are a common occurrence on the pitch even amongst Sunday league players and obviously its one of our biggest problems / fears as steroid users.

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We didn't really understand what happened when we were watching the game. From the moment we saw him fall to the ground, life really came to a standstill. Like everyone else, unfortunately, we thought he was dead. But thank God he's fine . We wish him well as soon as possible.

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Its pretty shocking that someone like that who is incredibly fit, and must of had many health checks and heart screenings as part of his contract can still have a heart attack. To fall like that his heart must have stopped beating quite sometime before which must feel similar to a huge palpitation so its surprising he took the header. They say he will most likely have to have a pacemaker fitted now.

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Yeah, we're surprised by that. These people are not just people who feed like us. People who get professional help at every stage of their lives. If this person had been a normal citizen in place, he would have been dead by the time he got to the hospital. Even if Eriksen doesn't play football anymore, it wouldn't be a loss for him.

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Called soccer here in the states. I saw it on ESPN at the gym last night. Took a header right into the dirt.