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Who is the Biggest Douche Bag on this site

It is only fair that we have a place to highlight non-mod douche bag members.
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Reviews that make you go hmmmmmm.....
Anonymous Apr, 2015
After reading Jintos post [I RECOMMEND THIS SOURCE! ](https:...
Tron, 7 years 2 months ago 58
Dick Pharma
relentless Apr, 2015
Well if we're going to have douche bag groups for MODs and m...
GATORNATION, 7 years 1 week ago 62
You told him to do what?!
NoWeakAces Apr, 2015
With all the bad advice flying around and guys talking out o...
zeb0312, 6 years 8 months ago 128
Any chance of moving this group?
PECS Apr, 2015
My boy just bought an old forum and he's looking to get it g...
Rustyhooker, 7 years 5 months ago 8
These fucking mods!
Anonymous Apr, 2015
My gf logged in on my fucking phone to view her account. And...
Goose24, 3 years 8 months ago 29
Free Promo Whores of the week or month
IrishMack Mar, 2015
We don't seem to have one of these yet, lets start one shall...
Sam I Am, 4 years 12 months ago 36
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  • So this is where all you fuck heads hang out ?
    Cazz Mar, 2015
    I'll be honest guys , I've sat back and watched this li...
    zeb0312, 7 years 6 months ago 76
    I call out Stang77 #1 Fanboy/douchebag
    Trenup87 Mar, 2015
    I have never seen someone comment so much on a SI page in my...
    Hustle28, 7 years 6 months ago 1
    greatest fanboy quotes of all time
    rolltide3 Feb, 2015
    Okay guys I'm making this post for anybody that ever sees a...
    Tron, 10 months 4 days ago 3543
    The All Time Winner
    TED Feb, 2015
    Monster666 I think that's all that needs to be said
    Tron, 7 years 3 months ago 21
    konig Jan, 2015
    I know he is very new, and not too bright.. but when I first...
    DeadPool, 7 years 7 months ago 1
    Engineereddisaster Jan, 2015
    Ok, I guess I better make a submission here. A for a stando...
    Anonymous, 7 years 7 months ago 23
    Shame a shill thread
    ReadyToKillIt Jan, 2015
    So it seems no one wants to break the ice in eds new group....
    Breaking-bad, 7 years 5 months ago 374
    The Rules
    Engineereddisaster Jan, 2015
    Hey kids, Ed here with the Rules. 1. Anyone can post, mods...
    zeb0312, 7 years 3 months ago 18
    Tren84 Jan, 2015
    The dude is rude to everyone thinks he knows everything and...
    boostedsilvia, 6 years 9 months ago 138
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