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Strategy for Recovery
Being spiritually awake, we can see the miracles that surround us, even when life is difficult.
—Living Clean, Chapter 7, “Awakenings”
Staying clean through adversity is my goal. Serenity, while it feels like the World is burning, is a gift.
3 People in my life who had substantial Recovery including all the trappings of a successful life, like homes, children, and long term spouses have given up their clean date to use unsuccessfully. I got some scary health issues, but I am not going to get high over anything today. I hate to lose people I love.
I took my last PED on January 28. My lab work turned up something fugly. Treatment is just 3 weeks. This is a difficult time physically, and mentally. Regular doctor visits and lab work is part of my recovery and AS use. I know withdrawal hasn't even started yet. I will get through Today clean. Thanks.

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The main thing is to fight and believe in yourself and what you can do. I am sure that there are many people around you who believe in you and your success. So don't give up and you can do anything. Good luck, man. I shake your hand

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Hey my man never lose hope and keep fighting until your last breath. Remember, you are stronger than you think - keep your head up, goals high and you will come out stronger in the end. I promise you.

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I am sending you all my best wishes & support my good friend, I know it can be extremely difficult to deal with getting bad blood results you were not at all expecting to see. I hope that everything goes well and swiftly in whatever treatment you are having to go through and remember that everyone here is sending you their support every second that you are going through it all. You already know how much I admire and respect you for the obstacles you deal with every day in your life, and how you stay so positive and determined. Try and stay as strong as you can and remember that everything is only temporary, even the bad things we never expected to happen. Whenever things are tough or you just want someone to talk to just log in here and there will always be people here for you buddy Smile

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Hang in there brother. Life is difficult but it is our response to adversity that determines what kind of life we have. Sounds like you know what your supposed to do but I know that does not make it easy. You did the right thing by reaching out for support. You can and will make it through this. Just focus on what the next right thing is and keep in touch with people in recovery. I do not personally know you but I love you just the same. We all have our own fights and sometimes it helps to just know we are not alone. Take care and if there is anything I can do to help just send a FR. It helps to talk to people that have been through what you are going through.