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+ 3 How was yalls halloween

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Hey everybody. No matter what holiday it is. I used it as an excuse to get smashed and act like an ass...( non entiontinal) or so I always thought lol

No matter. If ya sober. Not sober. Had a great Halloween. Spent with ya kiddos. Or just laid around.

How was yalls Halloween.
How yall holding up

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I went to friends. They have two sons, we built a cardboard castle with them.

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We had storms over Halloween which soaked the place out lol All the kids running around outside launching fireworks at peoples houses being a pain in the arse got too wet to stay outside so went home!! haha

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For children, I'm sure it was the best event and they had fun.

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Had a great weekend with family. all positive and happy. We need to rest more often.

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That's great to hear brother.. I ate our candy and played call of duty lol

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Great, I also want to play everything, I need to buy a game console.

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Yea man I just got my ps5.. I haven't had any console since my early 20s. So it's nostalgic and fun to lay around and do something positive and fun

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OOO. Then I just need to feel that feeling.