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My belief in a Higher Power is an essential part of my work on Step Nine; forgiveness, timing, and right motives are the other ingredients. My willingness to do the Step is a growing experience that opens the door for new and honest relationships with the people I have harmed. My responsible action brings me closer to the spiritual principles of the program — love and service. Peace of mind, serenity, and a stronger faith are sure to follow.

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I have a new exercise and challenge in forgiveness. I got hit almost head on at 60 mph Sunday 9/12. I am injured. I will recover in a week, I hope. No broken bones, no stitches. Concussion, back, elbow, knees are banged up. I just found out the perp has no insurance. I loved that old Cadillac, I may not be able to get a different car because other driver had no insurance. I am insured, but I doubt my insurance will give me much for my beloved daddy's Caddy DTS. Please keep me in your prayers. thanks. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Cops at the scene told me "Don't worry, he's got insurance" Was that a manipulative lie to keep me calm? HP loves me, and has a sense of humor.

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Thats what my whole day revolves around is my higher doing whats best for me even if I can't see it. the more we grow that contact with our higher power the more visible it becomes thru out the day that he is always with us to guide us and protect us encourage us strengthen us carry us when we can't carry ourselves