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+ 6 Weekend in our cabin in the woods

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That's how my little love waits "under" the stairs, when she's told we are going for a weekend to our hut. And the photos after are when we're finally there. This is her favorite spot behind the big window, when she's not outside, chasing the wildlife arround Smile

She looks pretty shredded on the last photo, she might have consumed some of my stuff, lol.

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I keep on meaning to ask bud - does she actually have a blue tongue? Lol

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Damn for sure, just now I looked and noticed :). laughed

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he like to eat? What do you feed him with special feeds or natural food.
I like these dogs. He is very handsome.

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What a cool dog you have, you can see from her face how much she loves her owner.

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I just wanted to say a Big Thankyou to everyone who takes the time to post up their dog pictures, I really do enjoy seeing them all Smile

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she wants to jump through that window Lol

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nope, the door is always open, she can just go around. But its cozy inside so she usually decide to stay, unless there is a deer. Oh man she love deers

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She's a beauty!!

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yee, thank you!

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What Breed is she then bud? (Ignore this - I see I asked this before!!! LMAO)

She's a lot bigger now than in the previous pictures!!

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haha, yes right! Smile I'm trying to give her the best care I can, she eats a lot man! Have better nutrition habits then most people nowdays. She love to eat paleo diet, red meat and raw eggs. She also loves being treated with milk and curd. Protein makes everyone grow, dogs not excluded! :))

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So what kinds of animals run around outside that she gets to watch through the window then? :-)

I bet her and Wookies dog would have a lot of fun together.

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Its a forrest in central Europe, so its often deers and wild boars, sometimes badgers and foxes. Rarely a wolf can be seen here. And plenty of birds of course... And sometimes even people riding horses... But talking about horses, my girl respects them a lot and keeps safe distance Smile Yes, little wookie is very handsome, we would love to play with him!

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Judging by her size I thought she a male, a lot bigger than the females I see around here.

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She's not really that big, she's 24kg - 53 pound in this photo. But the bench she's photographed next to is a bit lower than usual, so it might be just an optical illusion Smile