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Hi all thanks for letting me join. These are my boys. Larry (fawn) and Benny (black). They were eating yogurt with dad when I took these pictures. They love yogurt and would keep going if I let them. I love these guys so much and I get pissed when I see people let their pugs get fat because it looks cute. This breed will be whatever you make them. If you're a couch potato They will be one. If you're active They will be too. Larry is a fast runner and loves hauling ass through big fields and Benny is a big lumbering tank. Don't get in his way he'll walk right through you. Lol! Anyway thanks again. Can't wait to see all your pets!

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They’re awesome

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They look nice and fit.

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Thank you, we try to keep them as lean as we can. It wouldn't be fair to them if we let them fatten up. I feel terrible I see any dog obese but especially pugs and similar breeds because it can be so hard for them to breathe

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the pugs I have been around seem to snore like a drunken sailor. How are yours?

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Haha that's an accurate analogy. Larry snores but not terribly. Benny on the other hand is a different story. He is a very noisy boy, but we have gotten used to it. I think it would be tough to sleep without all the little grunts and groans they make all night

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I want to thank you for the post about your true friends. Thank you for responding to my request to publish more posts about our animals.
How funny they are and the desire to stroke them. Pick up and play with them.

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You have great guys. Do they play with each other? And which one is the leader?

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Yes they do play with each other. But sometimes they get too rough. Even though Larry is older Benny is more dominant

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What cute pugs, very charming guys. And I thought really all pugs are fat, it turns out it depends on their rhythm of life.

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They are Great Mate!!! They are pretty popular in the area I live and they always look really cute when I see them out and about. Bet they are funny as hell together!

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They are entertaining together for sure. We belong to a couple of pug groups where we will get together regularly and let them play together. We went to one event last September and there was over 100 pugs. It was great!

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If you have any pictures of that it would be great to see them Smile