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Building a Bigger Back

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My back routine: (on Monday)

dumbbell pull over-3 sets 10/12, 10/12, 8-10/F
close grip pull down-3 sets 10/12, 8/10, 6/F
one arm rows-2 sets 10/12, 8-10/F
shoulder shrugs-3 sets 10/12, 8/10, 6/F
wide grip cable row-3 sets 10/12, 8/10, 6/F
barbell dead lift-2 sets 10/12, 6-8/F

My back has gotten bigger. At times, I feel like my back shrinks before I can get back around to doing the lifting routine next week. I have rotated repeats with each routine, and it seems to help with size. Is it possible my back routine needs refurbishing?

Please, let me know......

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I've found that dead lifts are more beneficial with lower reps and heavier weights, in the range of 5 reps, shrugging at the top. I prefer an underhand overhand grip. When I train I like to keep the blood or the pump in an isolated muscle until I've complete all the sets involving that muscle. So my training goes something similar to this, mind you I change the exercises, grips, reps, and sets bi-weekly... I'll begin with 50 wide grip chins, 4 sets wide grip lat pull down, 2 set close grip heavy pull down. 4 sets bent over rows, 4 sets cable rows, 4 sets straight leg dead lifts, 2 sets weighted hyperextensions.... biceps, abs and calves

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go for the proven mass builders. barbell rows/t-bar rows/ deadlifts rack dead lifts/ weighted pull ups that's all you need if mass is what you'er after. do like rsp2000 said and train your back twice a week and put these in your routine. lift heavy as possible with good form, cheatting every once in a while is ok. save cable rows and dumb bell rows for bringing out the detail in the muscles once you have the mass..

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Thank you....I am incorporating them tomorrow. How much weight for the weighted pull up?

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that is up to you. you have to find that wieght that makes you work hard to get the reps in but still able to complete the reps correctly. I can do 35 lbs slow and controled or i have gone up to 70 lbs and did rest pause with 5 reps at a time. just play a round with the reps and weight until you find your perfect set up.

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Alright.....I can do that......muchas gracias.....

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Train it more times a week....2 times and reduce sets.....hit them hard and heavy and beat the log book twice a week...ur back will grrrow like a weed

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Thank you.....