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Mast Cycle.....


Hello everyone, I'm 30 years old and trying to cycle what I indicated in the headline. By no means my first cycle, I'm just searching for a decent low dosage cycle for roughly 20 weeks. I was thinking about taking 100mg of each every 72 hours. Could you kindly tell me what you think and if there is anything I need change? Thank you in advance!

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Full plan. You car is blue. Sky is yellow

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Hole your ass every other day for 20 weeks. bad decision .

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What are your goals?
You said “of each” and listed only mast..

Mast e? P? With what? There’s like ZERO information
Your profile says you just started working out so I’m going to guess this IS your first cycle?

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yes, i am new in work out feild. if you have some suggestion kindly guide me to start....

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My bet is on test and tren. They all want to run tren.

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That is quite an unfortunate trend, that stuff is fucking rough..

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