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How much strength lost cutting on Test/Tbol?


Hey gents!
Let myself get fat over the year, took the summer bulk waaaay too far while chasing new PR’s on bench.

Starting my cut on 120mg/week TestC (trt dose from doc), and planning to add in some extra test and tbol after my blood work next month.

I respond well to test, so current my plan to is cut for a total of 16 weeks with the 1st 4 weeks at 120/mg week then boost up to around 350mg/week. I have enough Tbol to run 50mg/day for 6 weeks, I’m guessing it would be most beneficial on a cut to add this in during the last 6 weeks? I run prescribed nandrolone also but only around 60-80mg/week for joint pain, have issues if I raise above 200mg/week.

How much strength do you think I would lose cutting from 250lbs to 215? I’m an older gent and my cycle last summer brought my flat bench max up to 315x6, which is a lifetime pr, and I’ve been holding steady on my trt dose. Just would love to be able to still push 3 plates during/after the cut!!

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Thank you for the feedback gents! I’ll run Tbol near the end of the cut, and will only run small calories deficient to try and retain as much muscle as possible.

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Tbol last six weeks when the higher level of testosterone starts boosting sbgh, the tbol will jump in to help lower that sbgh and free up bound testosterone.

If your goal is to be jacked and lean then just aim at the 215 slow and steady. You will look solid pumped and strength you can always work on after. Trying a one in all approach leads to failure.

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The main thing you will have to get your head around is when you are training you will be getting weaker at the same time as you lose bodyweight (most likely), although if you are mainly losing fat and not muscle this shouldn't be too much. You must make sure you keep up your current bench frequency and not become deterred as you lose strength as frequency is big factor in keeping strength especially if you are using less gear. Using more gear makes it easier to hold on to while doing less. It may come to a decision you have to make ultimately though - do you care more about how strong you are or how much bodyfat you hold?

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Difficult to answer that one mate. We are all very different in that respect. You’ve just got to weigh up how much you want the aesthetics instead of the strength. Don’t forget it’s really going to come down to your diet and your training regime. If it’s cutting BF you want, but if strength is part of the price, (along with reduced calories etc).

Best of luck.