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Advice for the next cycle


Hi guys, I'm here to ask you for some advice on the next cycle I would like to do.
The first cycle lasted 12 weeks with test cyp at 500mg/week and dianabol for 30g/day but this only for 4 weeks.
During the cycle I felt great, I always felt motivated to train, energized, excited, I gained weight and muscle volume, I didn't have any side effects.
During the PCT, however, I felt more exhausted, less motivated and even on a sexual level I had very little stimulation, but in any case they told me that it is quite normal.
Now I've been off for a week and I can't wait to start the second cycle.
Do you think I can dare by taking some other steroids, combining injections and oral steroids, or in any case increasing the dosages?
Advice accepted ----

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I was considering taking more HGH off cycle just so I don't puss completely out when my test crashes. But, hey, I'm new at this too so you probably don't want to listen to my dumb ideas. =)

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HCG you mean?

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Nope, meant HGH. Though, I may try HCG next cycle to make PCT easier. Like OP, I'm doing a pretty light cycle now too. I'm taking a small amount of HGH, test, and anavar. Was debating upping the HGH for a couple months after coming off the test/var so to maybe offset some of the pussiness from the test drop. Shouldn't fuck with my PCT (At least, I wouldn't think it would). Probably wouldn't make a big difference either way, though, since I'm only doing around 2ius, and I'd just bump it up to 3 or 4. -shrugs-

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In PCT I only used Clomid and Nolvadex as I was advised to take "only" these as it was not a particularly heavy cycle

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Did you get blood results pre, during and post cycle? If not you have no idea how your body reacted and if you are back to baseline to be able to start another cycle. Checking health markers is a key component.

A good rule of thumb is to be off as long as you were on, including PCT.

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Unfortunately I made the mistake of not doing blood tests first; mistake I won't make again.
I was certainly advised to do them now after the cycle and the PCT to evaluate the blood and hormonal values.