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+ 175 NPP seen a lot of people asking about it so hope this helps


Hey, how’s it going everyone?

I know I’m relatively new here, but I have noticed a lot of people in this forum have no clue what NPP is, or what it is used for! lol

Thus, I’ve decided to create my own steroid -profile for NPP, and simultaneously outline my various experiences with the compound.

For anyone who still doesn’t know what I’m talking about, NPP is a relatively new product, and is considered to be one of the few actively marketed steroids that was produced within the past 10 years.

Disclaimer: I have utilized NPP in basically every protocol: cutting, bulking, and maintaining; however, my advice is all from personal experience. Follow at your own risk, as I am not a certified professional / M.D.

Let’s begin, NPP stands for the chemical name: “nandrolone phenyl-propionate .” It’s often considered the “brother” of Deca , and this is because they are both very similar in molecular structure, with the exception of different esters attached to the molecule. (phenyl-prop v.s. deconate.)

Furthermore, the compounds half-life is around 72 hours, and as a result, there is often debate regarding the timing of NPP injection protocol. (So I’m going to address each of them individually, because injection protocols are completely reliant on goals IMO.)

Benefits of NPP compared to Deca:

a.) Little to no water retention
b.) Instant lubrication of joints, and pain-relief to injection sites.
c.) Fast acting
d.) Compound clears system only a couple of days after secession of use; and does not leave you terribly shut down for prolonged periods of time like deca.
e.) IMO faster recovery of the HPTA after cycle , because of ^^

Downfalls of NPP compared to Deca:

a.) Often a need for more frequent injections
b.) Sometimes can be painful injections

FAQ #1: “Can I utilize NPP for cutting, and how?”

A: Yes absolutely. NPP is a great compound for cutting. It will provide minimal water retention, and stacks very well with prop. Moreover, because it lubricates the joints it has excellent synergy with winstrol (if at a low BF), and eliminates winstrol’s worst side affect – dry joints.

My typical NPP cutter:
(weeks 1 – 10) Prop @ 75mg ED
(weeks 1 – 9) NPP @ 75mg ED
(weeks 5 – 10) Winstrol @ 50mg ED

^^ Notice that when I use Prop with NPP, I follow an “each day injection protocol”

FAQ #2: “Can I utilize NPP for bulking (especially lean bulking??)”

A: YES! Once again, NPP is an excellent choice for this form of bulking. The reason: NPP will provide you with a quick 10 – 15 pounds within 10 weeks of use, until secession of the compound. Moreover, because NPP is fast-acting, one will begin to see the results from it within 5 – 7 days of use. (Also, great strength gains from NPP)

My typical NPP bulker:
(weeks 1 – 14) Test-E @ 600mg EW
(weeks 1 – 13) NPP @ 525mg (each week) but EOD protocol
(weeks 9 – 16) Anavar @ 70mg ED

^^ Notice that during Bulkers I generally inject EOD

FAQ #3: “Can I use NPP similarly to Deca for therapeutic benefits?”

A: ABSOLUTELY! This is one of those things that I feel the medical community will eventually figure out. Often, doctor’s / HRT clinics will prescribe deca @ a low dosage of 100 – 250mg EW for it’s therapeutic benefits. I believe that eventually NPP may take deca’s place.

My typical NPP therapeutic cycle:

(weeks 1 – 10) Test-E @ 200mg
(weeks 1 – 9) NPP @ 200mg EW (but following EOD protocol)

^^ As you can see, I would keep the Test @ a low dosage, perhaps even a TRT dosage. Keep the NPP low, and break the injections up. 50mg x 4 injections a week = 4 injection sites that feel AMAZING, and well lubricated.

FAQ #4: "I like the above protocol ^^ but I don't like injecting .. Can I inject it every 3.5 days with my TRT dosage?"

A: Not a problem. That's another benefit of NPP. The half live of the compound is short, but JUST long enough that it can be used under this protocol.

Typical TRT + Therapeutic Cycle:

(weeks 1 - 10) Test-C @ 100 - 250mg EW
(weeks 1 - 10) NPP @ 100mg x 2 injections per week = ~ 200mg EW.

FAQ #5: "I have Deca, and want to use NPP as a kick-start... is that possible?"

A: YUP! That's fine. Run it the same way you would kick-start with prop on a Test-E cycle.

(weeks 1 - 12) Test-E @ 500mg EW
(weeks 1 - 10) Deca @ 500mg EW
(weeks 1 - 5) NPP @ 75mg ED or 125mg EOD.

Phew, finished. Ok, well I hope you guys enjoyed the read. BTW, I’ve kept all the dosages very moderate on this page, so if anyone has any special circumstances, and want to alter the dosages, or wants to stack additional compounds, etc... feel free to PM me and I’ll try and aid you as much as possible. I have run NPP at extreme dosages, and can relate to most any question . Have a good one boys; Thanks for reading.

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Good info man thanks

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Nahhhhhh I’m good! I would like to see bloods on ED pins like this. Normally 2-3 days a week. 1/2 life on prop May be up to 20hrs. But whatever work for you.

“My typical NPP cutter”
(weeks 1 – 10) Prop @ 75mg ED
(weeks 1 – 9) NPP @ 75mg ED
(weeks 5 – 10) Winstrol @ 50mg ED

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Great article.

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I would pull it 6wks before show. You will hold water with it which will show once approaching contest condition.

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Can you add NPP with EQ or is it better with Test?

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You should always run test with all your cycles.

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Your either or here should be between NPP and EQ, not Test. The only thing you should ever substitute for test is a different ester of test. Test should be the base of any cycle, regardless if being run at a high dose or a low dose, Test should always be present.

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Honestly never tried it with just EQ and not sure if I would.

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Got some free npp with an order, after reading this I’m definitely excited to use it for my next cutting cycle
Thanks for the info

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Very nice informative read,
Whats your thoughts interms of the actual phenyl propionate ester weight(active usable compound)vs that of decanoate..
Also a side note any input in regards to gyno on npp,I'm super sensitive to gyno whilst on deca anything above 400mg PW and a few weeks in bang starts the itchy nips lol

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If you have problems with Deca you will likely have problems with NPP. Have you had bloodwork done to help dial in your caber and AI dose?.


i had some a while back it seemed to be ok, fast acting however the amps were crystallized and i had to run them under hot water then crack amp then draw ...quickly , then run pin under hot water then pin quickly .. ever seen this before ? the brand was zph or something ....

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Now that I think back on it my body reacted amazing to NPP! Got me all tight veiny pumped looking. I’ve only ran it once. I’ve ran tren like 3 times but now thinking deeper into it tren made me a moody asshole very easy to get ticked off...

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Thanks man , just ordered some (not intentional) , i was letting my son play with my phone and at some point apparently he changed my cart and now i have NPP on the way

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He must have known Tren turns you into an asshole.

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Kids always know! LOL.

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Is it suitable for women?

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Very informative

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Good read,.. thanks

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Awesome way of explaining!!!
I just ordered me some 150 Npp
And never used so I was wondering how and what I can expect- some days my shoulder cuff hurt and hoping that may lubricate that issue.... thanks for a walk down NPP lane!

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I'm going to try your protocol:

Typical TRT + Therapeutic Cycle:
(weeks 1 - 10) Test-C @ 100 - 250mg EW
(weeks 1 - 10) NPP @ 100mg x 2 injections per week = ~ 200mg EW


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Deca is jealous of NPP.

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Well said , i too I’m a huge advocate of npp I believe it’s the most underrated steroid of them all ... I choose to run it on both cutting and bulking periods. One thing I like to suggest, have caber on hand when running npp ...

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X2 on the caber

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Great information. Appreciate the write up! Will be using some of this knowledge in my next cycle.

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I'm 4 weeks into NPP cycle. I'm doing NPP 100mg with Test P 50mg EOD. I also pin Test E 250 on the weekend as part of my ongoing TRT. I feel like this 4th week is where things have been happening for me.

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Took me 3/4 weeks to feel the gains bro

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600mg a week along with test 400mg, i administered eod, ed wont make a difference since the half life is not that short like acetate, u'll feel it probably next week the strength and water, i retained some water in the beginning due to e2 wasnt in control, the mass gains, the fulllness and that mutant feeling will come after week 4, u fortu ately i had to stop the cycle early due to terrible acne, i hope u wont encounter that bro, use proviron u wont have any libido issues even with low test dose it will dry u and eliminate the extra water u get from npp, no problem bro anytime

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Good insight on npp im on trt right now at 200 mg of test c a week now I wanna try npp now will I see anything or feel anything with 200mg a week of npp thanks

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I'm curious, for your cutting stack. Why exactly is it better for ED vice EOD? And is it better to run NPP at 150 EOD for 8 weeks or NPP at 100 EOD for 12 weeks? Both parried up with a 12 week test E cycle.

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Npp is my favorite

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Just picked some up last week going to add it in my next cycle

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thanks for this. just need to find a decent source now

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I have used CENSORED more recently and it was definitely the best npp I ever have used. Very strong and legit !!!

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Been looking into this compound for my next cycle, thanks for the great info

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Great info, I'm on npp atm, definitely a nice addition to any cycle. However mixed with test and prone to Gyno is a recipe for big tits. I know it aromatizes at around 20 percent that of test but I still find I need a ai

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Lots of good info, a friend actually just recommended this to me, I was thinking of giving it a try

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Awesome thanks for write up.

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Great write up. Thanks for putting in the time to go in depth.