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-2 Shawn Porter Vs Terrence Crawford Was it it a Good Fight??


This match was supposed to be a another good Boxing match after the Fury Wilder trilogy. At least one of them was unbeaten and it was for all the Welterweight marbles. I was wondering was it a good competitive or great fight? If so I have to go back to watch it... Appreciate in advance

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Haterade..The eye is quicker than the keyboard

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Listen sonny, you are only a couple points away from a troll tag,. Why don't you take a seat and shut up.

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I was wondering was it a good competitive or great fight?

Again??? Another attempt to troll for Karma.

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It started off looking competitive, porter was getting through with some shots and won some rounds but Crawford got the nod from his corner that he needed to win could be close on points before round 10 and proceeded to knock him down twice and porters dad stopped the fight. As soon as this happened Errol Spence jr walked out. You might as well have watched it tbh. I'm looking forward to seeing if Gervonta Davis can knock out that Pitbull Cruz

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Porter looked a bit sloppy in my opinion, not as good as the Spence fight for sure.

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WTF?? Shreds got ya below.

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