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+ 1 What everyone think bout Eddie Abbew?


Hey all,

Got to say up i have bin watching this Eddie grow in popularity here like crazy. He has split opinions all over some hate him and some swear he is a legend in the making

For those who do not really know, he is ex bodybuilder and now a self proclaimed natty and is slagging of a lot of the current PTs out there with their diets.

I agree with a lot of what he says but he has pushed a semi carnivore diet and asked everyone to minimize carb intake , especially all these shit carbs as he calls them

I like the fact he is asking everyone to eat single ingredient foods and keep away from shit calories etc but whats everyones thoughts on him? would be interesting to hear ur thoughts on him......

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But ……. He never ate the way he advises while he was competing or at his best, would he have got to that same level eating the way he tells people to eat now ? I doubt it my self , but others might think differently.
His advice is good for healthy eating but can you pack in enough calories eating his way for bodybuilding

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He owns his own gym near London. what he talks about on his videos is mainly nutrition.. Hes telling people to keep away from bad food.. I find it very informative and hilarious as he's funny

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I know Eddie personally, is a genuine decent guy. Is very knowledgeable, particularly good at helping with posing for those looking to compete on stage.

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dam did not think peepz would know him personally for some reason.

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He's well known from the late 90s into 2000s...he competed with the likes of Ronnie coleman and Jay cutler. He does have a decent following with the older generation here in the UK... The younger generation would just think he's talking rubbish. Me personally I like what he puts out on his videos on various platforms, p.s yes I'm the older generation haha

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wow did not know he competed with ronnie and Jay cutler. He looked really good back in the day and seems pretty much in good shape now to.
I like him to be fair , he seems to cut the BS out but so many haters on him lmao he is funny espcially how dismissive he is with the common PT's