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Hello all


Hello all.
have been back and forward here looking at the forum for the wealth of knowledge on here, looking forward to being part of it!
I am a contact sport enthusiast and been training boxing and other sports for around 10 years and trying to keep a decent size physique at the same time but age and injuries keep catching up.
I started using Test around 4 years ago to help me with my recovery and put on some decent muscle and loved it and thats how I got into using peds to better myself.
Since then i have had a good few cycles and made good progress bulking up a little bit but now im looking to lean up .
Ive taken a back seat with the contact sports and now just do them to keep fit and relieve some stress rather than competitively, any one else been similar to me?

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Welcome, yes similar background. I was in boxing since the age of 12/13. Transitioned to muay thai then MMA in my later teens early 20s. I was around 17 when i first tried gear because everyone else was on it. I didn't know shit about gear other than what my coaches told me. Then I hopped off to learn more about it. Spent years researching. Got back on gear later 20s after I learned more. I may not be the most knowledgeable but I know what works for me and what I need it for.

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Thats so common to make them mistakes when young But its fantastic it ended up making you research it more knowledgeable...worked out for the best!

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Welcome to eroids.

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