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  1. You have received AND used the products, within the last 6 months.
  2. You have not recived your products in the advertised timeframe.


  1. When writing a review, include at least the following:
    • How do you feel on this stuff, tired, horny, aggressive, no change?
    • How much weight and/or size did you gain?
    • How is your appetite?
    • Body fat up or down?
    • PIP, Acne?
    • Other changes you've noticed.
    Colorful language is fine, but there is no need for harassment, threats, hate speech and displays of bigotry.
    A review should be relevant. We don't need know you've placed an order. Or read "gtg received my stuff". Review should be your full experience, that includes everything from your first contact, to the gains you're making with the products.
    Do not post personal information, payment methods used, emails, tracking numbers and similar content.

If you would like to simply ask a question, your source has a dedicated discussion section "Source Talk" for questions and answers.


I see there are many times that people are submitting reviews that arent reviews, as many times as i see the mods commenting on the post I still see the same thing on a daily basis. Now im not anyone special to this website and i give props to the big man and his mods for the work they do around here but theres no reason we cant give these guys a hand espcially the members that have been here a while and already know what the deal is. BFG has already listed what is allowed in the review in which ive listed below but maybe some of us can give some good examples of some good reviews.


this would be a review I would write:

I placed an order with this source 2 weeks ago and has very quick responce time, this is my 1st order with this source and communication has been extremely professional thus far, I have ordered lixus test cypionate 300, lixus nandrolone decanate 300, and lixus test propionate 100 my order arrived in 9 days and i recieved my tracking number the following day after my order was placed. this is what my cycle will look like:
weeks 1-2 100mgs of test prop EOD
weeks 1-10 600mgs of test cyp per weeks
weeks 1-10 300mgs of deca per week

End of cycle reviews

I have just completed a cycle of :
weeks 1-2 100mgs of test prop EOD
weeks 1-10 600mgs of test cyp per weeks
weeks 1-10 300mgs of deca per week
I am very pleased with my results, Ive gained 17lbs increased 1 3/4" around my arms and my appetite has been phenomenal, Ive increased 40 lbs on my bench presses and 75lbs on my leg presses. my body fat is down from 10% to 8%, Had some moderate PIP in the begining from the prop but eased up thru my cycle, had extremely bad back acne. will use and recommend this source to others, i rate him a 5 star.

This isnt a perfect review but this will give you some kind od idea what is allowed and whats not. Those eroiders who have been here for a while if you will give thse guys a hand and help me out by show these newbys what a good example of a exceptable review. I know it seems like these mods are singling you out because your not writing the proper review but there actual doing it to benefit us all, I know hollywood and grrrrl will crack the whip on that ass but once your here for a good while you will see how it benefit you in the long run Smile

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Tranny test100 prop. Is honestly the best gear iv ever ran in many ways with regain my health and life back hell tranny test help get off Bud Lite addiction which ruined my e levels and helped me be a Tran again thank u Tranny labs and eriods

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Is there any way of finding my 'review owed' source? I am certain I am up to date on all reviews with nothing in for over 9-months now and six months off cycle. Some nice looking promos out there, two I have wanted to try for a while and trying to jump in, but my profile says I owe a review. I might as I had one produce I did not like and did not want to flame the source.

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Click on the red "Owes a review x __" panel in the lower right of your comments.

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Thanks for the helpful contribution.

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Bumping the most unread post in eroids history

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Thank you for the excelent guidance

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as i'm new here, this is a helpful info. thanks for this post !

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Good one, thank you for this post, now let's hope some more people will read it finally

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Actually a great Idea! )))

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So like

Try reading the rules.

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Thanks for this. Good to know Smile

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Ok I have a question not sure where to post it and if I'm allowed so I'll ask I've been a loyal customer to CENSORED labs for years and never had any issues and the gear is very clean and top of the line according to my blood work and results. My question is I ordered a new product and don't know how to safely make it into an oral solution , so where do I post this and am I allowed ? Sorry ahead of time just in case

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Why go oral? Just stick it up your ass.

Just one other thing gymrat counts-a-lot, why do you feel the first sentence of your post was needed at all? Did it in anyway clarify your question?

...Oh, and read the fucken rules.


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Thanks for the info im scared to post of anything here

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Lol,,, I know your pain. Haha.

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How do you update a rating that you gave? A supplier is asking me to update my review because it’s expired.

I gave them 10 stars on all categories, however I cannot make any changes... anyone know how to update/change a rating score?

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Thanks for this wonderful post.

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I lıke it's man

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Thanks I was wondering how the reviews worked and was cautious to post anything since I am new to forum.

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Don't worry bro Smile

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Glad to help partner

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Great stuff POPEBOY1

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Thanks partner

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I am going to suggest this gets made a sticky.

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Damn are we still having issues with this

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Yuppers,......... I've even mentioned that this post should be stickied to the top of the page.

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Ever feel like you baby sitting lol

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Babysitting no never.

Clubbing with a big stick,....... yup that's me.

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Nice, good to see you staying on top of things

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In hockey terms,.............. I just stick handle with the puck till the Mods have time for a clean up.

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Well stop stick handling online, lol mods don't wanna see that shit lmao

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Time for a BUMP

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@Rustyhooker, I need to share my major gratitude for those reviewers who write in full sentences, use correct punctuation, and don't use abbreviations! (Yes, I'm old, educated, and somewhat cranky.)

If anyone reads this post, please, use the education you received regarding the writing of the English language and put that education to use!

Rant over. I'm back to trying to add to the good mojo here as opposed to bitching, which ultimately does no good. Carry on dear brothers, carry on.

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I'm going to link this to every review I flag.....