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Okay, now that you've done your due diligence and a TON of research, you understand your goals, you've (at least) been TO the gym once or twice and NOW understand the difference between a REP and a SET...LETS GET READY TO CYCLE!


  2. DIET- Can't stress this enough! Gains are made in the kitchen NOT at the gym OR in the pin. Make sure your diet is in check for the goals you wish to achieve. IF you are eating 2500cals ED and looking to Bulk - YOU WILL FAIL! IF you are eating 4500 cals ED and looking to Cut - YOU WILL FAIL! IF you are looking for Lean Gains and are eating dirty cals -YOU WILL FAIL! I (personally) spend about $100 a wk on food while cycling. IF this seems excessive to you then maybe you should think twice about spending $100's on compounds! WHY? Because gains are NOT made at the gym OR in the pin! IF you find this statement ridiculous -PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"

  3. ROUTINE- Know what your doing for your particular goals... IF you are seeking to put on Mass and are doing cardio EVERYDAY - YOU WILL FAIL! (although (IMO) light cardio pre-workout is beneficial) IF you think you are going to shred up on a 5x5 routine - YOU WILL FAIL! IF you don't understand what a 5x5 routine is - PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"

  4. PINNING - YES! If you are making the leap into the world of AAS then you will HAVE TO pin! Those of you that believe that you can somehow get away with an "Oral only" cycle and make significant gains - PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"
    Those that want to jump on board with a short cycle as admirable as that is (IMO)
    you have yet to develop the skill set and discipline it takes to pin ED/EOD and NOT whine about it! If you don't understand what I mean by this - PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"

    Understand which compounds do what and at what dosages/durations are optimal for your particular goals. Make sure you have EVERYTHING IN HAND before you begin to cycle.
    IF you think (1) vial of ANYTHING makes a cycle - PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"

  6. PCT - IF you thought this section WAS actually separate from STEP 5 - PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"

  7. AI's - IF you have no idea what an AI is OR thought this section WAS actually separate from STEP 5 - PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"

  8. ANTI-PROLACTINS - IF you have no idea what an anti-prolactin is OR thought this section WAS actually separate from STEP 5 - I THINK YOU GET IT BY NOW

Sooooo.... NOW that we're ready to cycle PLZ remember that AAS is serious shit and if you don't know what the fuck you're doing you can seriously FUCK YOUR SHIT UP!

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Here goes. I'm new here and also pretty new to using gear (I ran a cycle 9 years ago, but did not continue). I'm just over 50 now and have decided to give this my best effort to achieve they physique of my dreams (yeah, I know - wasted time!). Anyway, I'm very committed this time and seeing results, but I've come across a few points of concerns that I never experienced previously, and I would like the advice of sages on this board. I'm not even sure that what I'm experiencing has anything to do with the gear or is just intensified because of it. I started this cycle (500mg Test enanthate/D-bol 20mg every day) 2 weeks ago, and since then I have the following concerning issues:
1. My right leg gets tight/tense considerably sooner than it should when doing cardio (strangely I don't really feel issues weight training), and it's like my left leg could go twice as long or longer if it weren't being impeded by the strain felt in my right leg.
2. My resting pulse rate will NOT go below 75 beats per minute. This is keeping me wired at night and giving me very little quality sleep at night - this one's my biggest concern.
3. I have a tendency to run hot with mild perspiration. I did not experience this last time I used gear.
4. I have a decreased appetite. I have to plan to get in 3 meals a day, which before was NEVER a problem.
5. Most of my stools are coming out as diarrhea - also something never before experienced on gear.

Sorry to dump on you all, but I really don't have any other place to go for advice on this. Pretty sure my family doctor would say, stop taking steroids is the solution. Thanks, but no thanks!

Anyway, good news is that I'm seeing good results physically speaking, so I'm effing excited with the track I'm on, but I've never the above issues and I would like to find ways to deal with them so that I don't have to stop this journey, which is the last thing I want to do.

Okay, long-winded, but I'm all ears and hopeful.

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Thx for all. It is important for guy who want begin a first cycle

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Good read.. thanks

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Thanks for keeping everything to the point.

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This is a great checklist! Id also add to research on cycle support supplements such as organ/liver support. Also possible sides to each drug and how to properly run them.

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Thanks for the checklist

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Nice and complete for beginners, thanks!

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Short and to.the point I like.it no bs

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This is THE TALK i wish to everyone who starts their first cycle

Tons or respect, great that this post is here!

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ok i didnt see where it says how to get karma to get the free promotions lol But im trying to figure out where all these guys with major negative karma are even aloud to shop!

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They are allowed to shop wherever the guys with minor karma are allowed to shop.

...you do realize this is a review site right? Nothing is sold here.

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Please refer to step 1 lol. I can’t even begin to tell you how often I have said lately,please go do your research. I’m forever being hounded by my friends who want to join me in this life. First thing I tell them is to do research (of course they would rather just be lazy and ask me) then I run down the same list, diet,AI,and PCT seem to be foreign ideas to most people. They just think they can order some **insert compound here*** and grow to be a giant and then not worry about their estrogen or what’s gonna happen after. Thanks for the post and I wish I could just copy and paste it for the next time I’m being asked a million questions

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Thanks for putting this issue so explicitly:) I have weight problems but my psychology doesn't let me to do things I believe. I think about using some drug to feel as full. PLZ Help to choose the right drug.
I have hesitation to use drug but on the other hand I have to use it

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I have weight problems but my psychology doesn't let me to do things I believe. 

This is a steroid review site,......... not a psychiatrist waiting room. You need to find a different web site.

PLZ Help to choose the right drug.

No, we don't do that.

I have hesitation to use drug but on the other hand I have to use it

Get a glass of water and go to your happy place.. I'll get your psychiatrist on the phone.

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I'm not really organized at all... but a friend showed me once how he writes everything down, and i've been doing it ever since. It just makes sense, and it kind of means more. Something you can follow, something to stick to.
Guess it's my way of respecting the game because in everything else i stayed the same.

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+1 Great information.

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To some of us this all seems pretty basic... but after lurking around the forum reading posts for a while now, I can TOTALLY see why it’s needed.

I’m sure this will help a lot of guys out if they only stop here first. If you’re not always learning you’re easily left behind.
Solid advice!

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Spot on.

I also want to add into the pinning section. Very important to note proper sizes for drawing and pinning. Especially when pinning different muscle groups or drawing multiple compounds. The way Leur locks work there will be some extraneous space and some juice lost in the needle. Depending on the way you'd draw air and load it may not mess with dosage but will affect how much juice you have left. I always buy extra vials just in case of mishaps etc.

Also wanted to add a big one. BLOODWORK. Before cycle and having the finances to be able to do it mid cycle and post. Nothing going to tell you how well your cycle is going besides bloodwork.

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You can tell how well your cycle is going by physical attributes. It’s labs that tell you what’s going wrong with your cycle. Labs give you insight into what you can’t see.

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Spot on bro. New to site, not cycles. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from my mentor was “the blood doesn’t lie”. Taking time to learn from a Veteran what each section means and how it relates is key. Great to see advanced members like yourself speaking truth!

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Spot on! The diet is so important. Not many people talk about increasing macro nutrients as weight increases (as opposed to keeping the original targets we set out before the cycle started) additionally, we need to increase our macros one the cycle ends to avoid losing too much of our gains. The first four weeks after the cycle are crucial. I've seen people shrink to half their size! Finally, totally agree with getting everything (AAS, AI's, PCT) sorted out before we start. We really don't want to be playing catch up with nasty sides.

Thanks for this.

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Great article here. I just can agree with you in every single point.

I may add something important: check your calendar before starting your cycle and be sure you can complete it without major issues.

I meant be sure, for instance, you wont be on holidays destroying with a bad diet all the hard word you have done some weeks before. Or to be sure you dont need to be taking planes EOD for work so you dont need to put yourself in stress about how to take your compounds with you.

And yes when I mean be sure you can complete your cycle I also include the PCT :-)


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Yes about the calendar! I live in a country with a lot of public holidays. That means most gyms are closed. Hotel gyms are my saving glace.

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Beyond true... But I think I would have added "If you're not old enough to at least remember the 90's... STOP and PLZ REFER TO STEP 1"

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Well done sir !

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Thank you for sharing

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Man, you forgot something:

"If you don't have enough money for this race, then stop"

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That's a good one! Gear is the least expensive part of the race

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I should've read this a month ago, Very informative, Very helpful, Thanks for the article.

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thank you for having me here and for giving me really good information and the opportunity to learn new things I haddnt known before thanks again so much

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R&U Thank you!

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Awesome info!very entertaining read.

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I really appreciated this.

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Love this and refer to step 1..............

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Great read! Every bit of information is so helpful!

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Good read!!!

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6,7, & 8....wait what do you mean these are not separate from compounds?!!!

This made me laugh thank you lol, good read.

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Just to piggy-back on this fantastic post. Do not forget your Baseline. Baseline testing is essential in order to know where you are, what you may need, and in turn, where you are going. By Baseline , I mean testing. A complete medical workup. Complete with physical and bloodwork. You NEED to know all your levels. From blood pressure, cholesterol, Test and estrogen level, the works! You NEED to know where you are at first, before even considering incorporating exogenous compounds. This will also give you a solid foundation for when you test ( yes , you need to ) on cycle and of course off. You can not simply blow in the wind. Knowing is knowing. You cannot effectively prepare for a cycle , post cycle, and off cycle without knowing and keeping up to date with this crucial information.

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Best hormone panel to get is what in your opinion?. I have done a couple female hormone panel tests in the past to just see where I was naturally and then never ran a cycle as I was still making significant natty progress. Just curious what you recommend to get an accurate baseline picture. Just cholesterol and hormone panel enough?

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I am new to EROIDS, but this is the first thing I have read at it's an incredible piece of information.

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Good read, i wish ALL these newbs read this