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How would you run your winstrol for bodybuilding?


Wondering how you guys would play oral winstrol in your comp prep body a bodybuilding show.

6 weeks out -
50mg daily (possible taper up at end)


4 weeks out - 50mg
3 weeks out - 100mg
2 weeks out - 150mg
1 week out - 200mg

Will probably get blasted for this saying that’s way to much or whatever but that’s why I’m asking. No need to flame me up, I’m on my way to turning pro and willing to accept the risks the come with bodybuilding within reason. So while there is safer use and I’m for that 99.9% of the time, when there’s something to win on the line and you need to push the envelope I’m a proponent for that as well. So don’t get your panties in a bunch if this bothers you - if it does or you don’t have experience in competitive bodybuilding please disregard engaging in this post.

Some more background
No other orals in the mix.

Cycle is 600 test c, 300 mast, 300 primo, 350 tren ace, adex .25mg 2x / week. Gh 5iu daily

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As far as I can see, you used winstrol 100mg ED before, so I think you have some experience. I think two weeks on 150 and 200mg won't hurt you, but there is no reason to take winstrol longer than the last four weeks. And of course you should maybe replace the esters with a fast one and I would remove the GH at least 7 days before.

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Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too. I’m 6&9 weeks out also, so I don’t wanna be on wisntrol 9 weeks

I’ll go 4 weeks out for the first show, take a week off then 2 weeks out for the 2nd show.

I will consider switching to fast esters too so I can drop inflammation / water going in. Usually pulling long esters 7-10 days out has been enough but no one’s ever complained about someone being too hard and dry. Thanks boss

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You're welcome. Throwing out long esters and GH is that 0.5% in appearance but when you compete that 0.5% can make a difference. A lot of competitors throw out even the fast esters completely and stay on the orals for the last week, but you will have time in the future to experiment Biggrin

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4weeks out youre on what? List that then we start. Prior shows?

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I’m 6 out currently , this will be my 9th & 10th show. I’ve typically ran winstrol 50mg 6 weeks out all the way in with a slight taper maybe 100-150mg at the end.

At 4 weeks out cycle will look like this

Test C - 400
Mast E - 400
Primo E - 200
Tren Ace - 350
Hgh - 5iu (may or may not pull depending on look)
Inj L-Carnitine 300-600mg pre cardio
Winstrol - TBD (will use, but may just do the 50.100,150,200mg protocol)
No other orals
Clen 40-80mcg if needed
Ephedrine 25mg if needed
Yohimbine 3-5mg if needed.
Adex - probably won’t need but maybe .25-.5mg / week

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