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Effects of different testosterone esters

There are many different esters used in conjunction with anabolic androgenic steroids, but again, they all have the same purpose. The esters differ only in their ability to reduce the water solubility of the steroid. An ester like propionate can slow down the release of a steroid by a few days while decanoate slows it down by +/- 15 days. Ether has no effect on the parent steroid in terms of conversion to estrogen or DHT, nor does it affect overall muscle building. So the differences in results and side effects that can be seen by bodybuilders who have used different esters with the same steroid are only a matter of time.

Testosterone enanthate causes estrogen-related problems more readily than sustanon, all because the enanthate will peak sooner. The same applies to testosterone suspension, it will be worse in terms of gynecomastia and gaining water, because it peaks very quickly (the situation is similar with propionate). In this case you should not expect testosterone peak in the blood in weeks, we just need a few days. Given the same level of testosterone in the blood, there will be no difference in terms of aromatization or DHT if we are talking about different esters. There is simply no mechanism that can contribute to this.

There is only one technical difference between the esters, and that is the weight. The heavier the chain, the greater the total weight. For example, testosterone enanthate, 250mg of esterified steroid equals 180mg of free testosterone. 70mg of each 250mg injection is the weight of the ester. If we are being completely meticulous, it is clear that enanthant is slightly better than cipionate (this is contrary to public opinion), because its chain has one less carbon atom (hence the ester weight is lower). Clearly, the leader of this trio would be propionate.

In fact, esters are very important and interesting, but there is no magic here. Ether oils work in a perfectly understandable and explainable manner and do not change the activity of the parent steroid in any way, apart from the timing of its release. In fact, there are a lot of false stereotypes floating around about different testosterone esters, so feel free to ignore them. Testosterone is testosterone, full stop. If someone tells you that propionate is better than enanthate and that sustanon is a nuclear mix, such a person obviously needs to upgrade his knowledge

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Thank you for pointing out so much stuff guys! I'm still learning and appreciate your input to my knowledge

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You took the criticism well.

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Propionate is bad for water retention - what?
Testosterone is testosterone, full stop - This is like saying you will get the same gains from running suspension as you will enanthate, no you won't.

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Prop converting less still makes me laugh. More hormone and hits faster...yet madgically converts less.

Or the cyp vs enth pip and numbers on blood tests. I never ran anything but pharma prior to eroids snd there was high numbers like Dr Scally posts about and no difference between cyp or enth. Folks forget the hotplate and imagine dragons

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And the difference between test cyp and test Enanthate is nothing actually as both are interchangeable with 1 carbon difference as you said. Now some say more growth from test c but others say different

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I do pull higher blood #s on Test E than C and overall I feel better but growth I haven't noticed a difference.
Everyone's body chemistry is different I pull about 2500 on 500 mgs of pharma Test E and I've seen others get closer to 3500.

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Yes some score higher with one or the other. As far as difference in test c and e I was speaking in general but I tend to be a little more irritable with test c but have a better appetite with it. I grow the same with both.

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Ok so I deleted other comment. Still gotta give you a +1 for effort. However some of this information isn't accurate my man and some is accurate. For example it is well known that short esters such as test prop convert less to estrogen than a longer acting test cypionate, this is well known and backed up by some research. Also sustanon is a mix of 4 esters and 2 of those esters ( prop and phenylprop) will peak faster than test e will peak. Lastly, I agree that test prop is a leader of the pack in regards to fast ester release but it's one behind test acetate which has 1 less carbon. Test prop is used more commonly and is more available for some reason. I just touched on a few points.

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I think the one confused here is you. There is no misunderstanding that Esters are a "timed release mechanism" only. Only the newest of newbs might think otherwise.
Levels and peaks and estrogen sides are all managed by knowing the half-life of the ester and setting up a dosing schedule commensurate to the ester you're using.

Testosterone enanthate does not cause estrogen-related problems more readily than sust.
Sust is a pain in the ass as far as pining frequency required. Developed for TRT patients, It didn't work as advertised and was abandoned.

In fact, esters are very important and interesting, but there is no magic here. Ether oils work...

An ester is not an oil.

Ester Weights are "baked in" when planning a cycle. No one gives a shit, it's like knowing a cup of coffee is only 6oz, not eight. No one goes around saying, "Can I have 6oz of coffee please?" because they're afraid someone would be confused if they asked for a cup of coffee.

That said, I appreciate the effort.