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Anavar and Dbol


Has anyone ran Anavar with Dbol I know it’s liver toxic that’s not what I’m asking . I want to know if anyone has ran Anavar and Dbol together

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I'm sure people have but I really wouldn't recommend it.

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Not sure what the point would be running both at same time. That's just asking for liver trouble. Both have different effects and looks on the body. One retains water better and other is more of a dryer, defined look. 2 totally different looks.

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It’s just a question to see if any has done it and if so how it worked . I read some things saying people have done it because Anavar helps keep you dry and dbol puts in the size . But there is a lot of people out there that say a lot of different things . So looking for some input from someone who has done this .

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I’ve definitely heard of people running it in the same cycle, Dbol as a kicker at the beginning of a cycle, and var as a finisher at the tail end of the cycle. Never together, that’s Frankenstein shit. Im sure it would do something, but the side effects and long term issues could be brutal.

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I think he asks an innocent question but man this Frankenstein stuff is getting out of hand nowadays, and if it's not that then it's some guy or guys constantly saying one shoe size fits everyone when it comes to gear usage. No it doesn't! I just can't figure the shit out for the life of me lol

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I'm not really big on orals due to my natural low appetite issues.

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Yea different folks do say different things I agree. But alot of that said is just silly bro science or experimenting that turns out horrible so be careful. Stay safe man.

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Yeah, I’m sure some dumbass has at some point, LOL! Happy to say it wasn’t me this time.

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To me seems like having a double whopper but ordering a diet coke. Just why?!

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Them fat mf’ers do that shit though. Just about every fat person I know drinks Diet Coke. Being a big Coca Cola Classic fan myself, I can’t understand how they can handle the nasty taste of Diet Coke. Not to mention that I read somewhere that it can cause obesity. Blows my mind.

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What are you looking to achieve by doing this?