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14% BF and want to get and stay around 10%. But as drop the calories, I tend to get pretty cranky (usually week 2). I seem to be less patient with everybody. I don't mind the lower calories.

I have maintained around 10% for years, with consistent cardio and lower carbs. But Between work and kids for the past 10yrs, this hasn't been a priority.

In the past I have kicked up cardio with not dropping calories, with awesome results, but being self employed with limited time I can only do 1.5hr in gym.

Any Recommendations.

Mr. Hangry

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1.5 hours in a gym and not much time for cardio to fitnin there. Maybe your lifting to much
Its actually a thing if you work out harder than you eat you burn muscle. I see alot of guys making progress doing 11 working sets per body part and cardio On a shred diet
If your hungry its called black coffee to feel full

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Thanks for all the advice, forgot about rice cakes. My water is about 5L/day. Also I tend to just reduce calories, which is reducing bulk food, so I will up quantity with reduce calories.

Thanks again..

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Try and make your foods more saciatting. Bulk up your meals with lettuce, peppers, broccoli and veggies foods that add minimal calories but help bulk the volume out in the meals. Also add in more fibre and essential fats as the fibre will leave you fuller for longer and the fats will slow down the digestion. When my carbs get low i also like to swap out rice for things like rice cakes as they take alot longer to consume than a bowl of rice which is gone in minutes e.g for 60g worth of carbs from rice you can have 10 rice cakes. If you post up your daily meal plan we can offer ideas and food swap alternatives. Also lots of water 5 litres daily minimum will help kill that hunger. I also found that ashwaghanda ksm66 really helped my mood, mental state, food cravings and relaxation especially at the end of the day

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Mix 8oz of orange juice with 2 tablespoons of chia seeds and 3 tablespoons of greek yogurt in a shaker bottle. Drink that whenever you start to feel hangry. Write some immediate, short term and long terms goals down and cross them off when you get them done. Anything; even stuff you know you have to get done anyway.

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The easy answer is low calorie/high quantity foods. If you usually eat 85/15 beef switch to 93/7. Or even 96/4. 99/1 turkey or chicken has even lower calories than the beef. 1/2 lb 99/1 turkey is 240 calories. Add in 1/2 lb of garlic & herb Little Potato Co. red potatoes and you've got 1 lb of food that totals a whooping 360 calories. If you eat cheese switch to low or no calorie versions, instead of 3 whole eggs for breakfast do 1 and some egg whites. There are plenty of places you can chip away at your calorie intake while still keeping the quantity of food you eat similar enough that it won't have you constantly hungry.

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I follow alot of body builders on youtube and NOT ONE eats potatoes. Yeah ive heard macro nutrients but NOT ONE eats potatoes during a cutting phase

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Body builders do love their rice. But from a calorie to quantity ratio potatoes has rice whooped.

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