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+ 1 privatemdlabs 80.00 female pannel


First off,, Beer for rusty and his cupon code hack I read several months back. First 3 digits of month and last two numbers of year... Hell yeah still works! So... I selected the 80.00 female pannel and at check out it asks for gender... Do I select female here too??? Thought i read on here somewhere the female pannel has uncapped testosterone results,, and why I chose female pannel. Just want to make sure I pick the righ one at check out. sorry for the rookie question and thanks in advance for the input...

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Both are uncapped, female does not include PSA (prostate value) that is only difference. Just depends on what you want to check, both will get you uncapped testosterone value if that's what you really want.


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Thanks bro. forgot all about psa.

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You can click female for the price. You know males numbers if references needed. Uncapped makes it nice on finding brands with quality mg for mg.

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Gotcha, figured I was over thinking it, Im an hr. drive from the closest lab, so wanted to make sure i had it right. thanks again!