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Wether it’s 5 10 or 20 ius… I split half before my workout with a pre workout meal 45-60 min before my workout. Then the other half of my gh after my workout with a very high protein and carb meal…. I’ve learned these are by far the best results I’ve ever had when running gh… Others may have different opinions though… I hope everyone is doing well…

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Hello all,

Call me “soft” but Somatropin [even @ 1IU 2x day] makes me:

  • Chug 1L of sugar drink in 8 seconds
  • Eat 2000 calories every meal
  • Sleep like 13hrs a day

If I don’t, I feel like LEGIT fainting!! #sawft

Thus, I cannot take my shots until I get home…

1st shot = 15mins before dinner
2nd shot = 1hr after dinner

I avoid using HGH as a PED. Prefer using it for food absorption & sleep aid.

PS: Don’t judge me!! I’m a old man in my 40s now. I’ve paid my dues — since the 90s @ 24HR NAUTILUS, not FITNESS Smile

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Nice and nothing wrong with that… when I take it I sleep really good at night even if I don’t take it then… Just depends if I’m cutting or not… Some times the only carbs I’ll have is when I take GH…I try to get atleast 8-10oz of cooked meat every 3 hours.

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I was always under the impression to not to take it with a meal or close to a meal for optimal results. I have however seen several people suggesting taking it pre-work out with great results.
Are you injecting straight after the meal?

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About the same time then hit the gym 45 min later…

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Added pump, energy etc during or priming the system for added recovery?

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Yes, some of the best pump I’ve had was this way… I truly believe this is the best way to take GH versus any other way… I see improvements daily…

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I keep hitying it post workout with meal but it does sound better to fill them cells proper

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Take it prewo and it will be peaking by the time you get home and consume postwo meal for maximum effect. First thing in morning and prewo are my times.