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Help with TRT - Guidance and Recommendations


Hey guys, my PC wont put me on TRT so I'm looking for some guidance and recommendations. I hear online clinics are getting popular. Maybe I should go that route? What should I be taking? Thank you!


Testosterone Free 75 (47-244)
Testosterone Total Male 307 (300-1080)
Testosterone Bioavailable 212 (131-682)
Testosterone % Free 2.4 (1.6-2.9)
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 16 (17-56)

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Just got my labs back.
Total Test 313
Free Test 65.7
Estradiol 16

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I started taking stuff in 2008 at the age of 28 even though I didn't need to. I wanted my insurance to pay for it though, so in 2010, I just purposely stopped taking it for like 2 weeks and smoked weed at night. Went to a 70 year old endocrinologist in Portland, ME (easy to find out who) when I was working that whole Hannaford Brothers computer hacking scandal. He was like, "there's no way" Balls were fine, back was hairy as hell and I was jacked. I said "how much do you wanna bet?" He said OK, take your driver's license and go talk to this nurse at this hospital and then I'll believe you. Came back a few days later after giving blood and my levels were like 340 or 360. He said Ok, well you can do the cream or you can do the.....I stopped him right there and said I'll do shots. Got an Rx for like 200mg per week or whatever. The good old days of British Dragon, Naps Gear and whoever the hell else bikers at the bar I got it from were bye bye. Then I found this website Smile You should be good with 200mg per week. Split it up, 100 on Tuesday and 100 on Thursday. Get your blood work after 5 weeks and post it in here. Please let us know if you have ANY side effects during that 5 weeks. Welcome to the club!

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Stay up all night partying the night before testing. Also the month before live like an absolute asshole, hardly sleep, eat garbage, drink no water, drink alcohol whenever you feel like it, spend all of your time on the couch(just don’t sleep). With hard work anything is possible, I’m sure we can tank those numbers if we really try, I believe in you!!!

And honestly your so close to be below normal range, you could probably be under, just by testing later in the day, or if yo had just done different activities or ate differently it would’ve probably been under. Literally 7 points away, but they may test multiple times, so you’ll want to kinda be under for a little while and with two scores in the 200s they should prescribe and if not then find a doc who will. A clinic is kind of a waste of money in my opinion. Testosterone on here is so cheap there’s not much reason to pay hundreds each month for it to be mailed to you anyways, but then again, a doctor would be monitoring your levels and it would be legal, so there’s definitely benefits to doing it that way, just more expensive that’s all.

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Retest in few weeks. Those levels can change. Bf, stress, crappy foods, poor sleep etc etc etc

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Depends on your goals? What are they?

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I get 8hrs solid hours of sleep each night. I am somewhat overweight but feel pretty solid. I do not drink soda. My diet is mostly eggs, chicken, steak, pork, fruits, very little gluten. I just feel tired all the time. Should I just try a test cycle and check levels after? Its been about 5 years since my last cycle. I've only been on a few basic cycles in the past.

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Try to get more electrolytes in you. Pedialyte is kind of expensive, so find some generic. Pink Himalayan salt in water is good too. If you stay hydrated, you should feel less tired. Maybe bump up your carbohydrates too especially before and after the gym. Eventually once you get back on T you will be fine.

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I would get your blood work completed first, then like 4-6 weeks after doing some test get it again. Running just test on the first run in 5 years should be good. Get the diet dialed in first. Diet, training, then gear. The only stim I take is preworkout, and I good all day high energy level. Ideal body composition is 15% BF. If you at or below that it helps keep your health markers closer to range.