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Traveling Via Plane


Hey bros! I'm going on a short trip at the end of October, I'm wondering if anyone has had experience traveling with a small amount of gear? Like 2 pre loaded syringes, maybe with the needles separated? Hypothetically

I've never actually been on a plane, don't know if there is a way to bring it. If this is not appropriate to ask or doesn't belong here please let me know and I will delete the post immediately. I appreciate the help. I'm sure I will get flamed a little bit for trying to do something stupid but I'm really just looking for people's hypothetical experience.


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I never get stopped and I travel with it all the time. But I have legit script. I have my vials in their script bottle and have a bag all my shit comes in from my trt doc that I put all my pins and alcohol pads in. I've literally never been stopped for secondary search. And I only travel with a backpack carry on. No checked bags.

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I've always put my stuff in a portable diabetic kit in my checked luggage. I've played around with pre-loades syringes and have always been weird about it, they can get squished plung out/lose your dose, and I've always noticed it makes the rubber plunger a bit squishy, not sure if the compounds eats the plunger or not but stopped doing it. Take one of your empty vials and fill it with the required CC's u need while gone. That way I don't loose a full vial etc, if they do take it.

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I've flown many times with a couple vials and pins in a small zip toiletry bag. No one has ever cared. They have diabetics coming through with insulin all day long, so just blend in. I've never tried preloaded syringes though.

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No worries at all and you're not the first to ask that's for sure.

I fly weekly.. like 2-4 times a week for work. Few things I learned over the years. Get a insulin case and put everything in there. It's organized and doesn't raise any suspicion. The tsa isn't after two or 3 pins or even vials for that matter. Especially when they can clearly see the prep pads and again it's medicine and most aren't there to determine whether you are prescribed but most effectively not trafficking illegal substances for resale across the country.
My bag has been checked many of times for accidental water bottle being full or one occasion my magazine from my pistol was left from a range day in the bottom of the bag. Again all times they remove the items they are looking for and move on, the last thing they want to be doing is fumbling around with needles especially when it's not concealed in some wierd manner. Most telehealth trt clinics ship the filled pins anyway without any labels etc so don't see any difference. Again, bringing a couple pins or vials is not an issue but a cycle worth is just stupid. Half lives are such you shouldn't need to travel with too much even if going for a couple weeks. Hope this helps, and stay safe!

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Good luck and please let us know how it goes

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Thanks greg