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+ 3 Happy Thanksgiving


I hope you guys all have plenty to be thankful for. It has been yet another very busy year for me and I am looking forward to shutting down for the winter (not just yet tho lol) I have had a nagging shoulder holding me back for a few months now in the gym but took advantage of a peptide sale this morning and ordered some BPC-157, hopefully that helps and I can get back into a heavy lifting routine for the winter. I also booked a couple trips to the sun this winter so you know I gotta look good lol. Take care fellas. Pale

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Rest in the warmth of winter, this is a really chic event. Children and wife love it very much when we can make such trips.
Let the rest be 200% Smile

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Belated but Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I believe that it was a great and happy day for everyone. Let everything continue to be just fine.

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Hey Pale. Hope you you had a great turkey day. Enjoy the sun

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It is actually sunny up here today but only like 41 degrees. 41 more days I will hit the Caribbean. Just ordered some Mt2 to reinforce what tan I have left lol

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Happy Thanksgiving,........ to all you turkeys.

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Happy thanksgiving Eroids fam

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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Happy thanksgiving to you all!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving gents! I hate having to watch what I eat but today may be one of those gluttony days. Then back to the grind.

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Hey Buddy, Great to see work is going well. With the shoulder try adding in some Collagen & vit C powder to your protein shakes as it will be no doubt tendon related somewhere and this I find really helps in repairing them and also for lifting in general. I Hope you come back mate!! Smile

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I’ll have to look into it. Which brands you guys using?

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I use the Bulk Powders version, best one I have found so far. Just 1 scoop in with the protein powder after training and on rest days works very well.

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I've been using hydrolyzed collogen with bpc-157 and tb-500 & I'm seeing improvement in my should and elbow in just a few weeks (much to my pleasant surprise). Happy Thanksgiving!

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Pale, I’m glad to see you’re doing well. It’s been a long time. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours brother !