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Hello from Portugal


Hi, I live in Portugal, I'm 35 years old, I've been a firefighter for 15 years and I've been training since I was 17.

I entered the world of steroids about 2 years ago, I've tried almost everything and different brands, at first I was deceived with cheap brands, through friends who know more about the subject I now know that most brands are underdosed and are no good.

In the last few months I have been using a very good brand that a friend managed to get me from REDACTED China, and every day I learn more about the world of steroids.

Best Regards

Daniel Peres

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Welcome Daniel

I think coming to this site is really going to help you. I'm new here to and have really found this site helpful. I wanted to dive straight into roids after plateauing after 3 years of proper natty dedication but was given some good advice and left to lose some bodyfat. Came back in a month having gone on a keto diet and bought my first test only cycle obviously with PCT and adex in case of gyno. I've had great reuslts so can't comment on other brands or underdosed gear as my experience has been all good although I doubt I'd know if gear was underdosed, overdosed or the right dose. All I can tell you is I did a test only cycle for 12 weeks at 500mg per week and gained 20lb lean muscle. I can still see my abs and I haven't done a cutting cycle with an appropriate diet to go with that. I will be asking more experienced members about that on here and also whether I should keep bulking first before trying a cutting cycle. All I can tell you is the advice I have had on this forum is top notch.

Hope you have the same experience here.

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