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Source for germany


Hi, i'm new here because in german Forums ur not allowed to talk about different sources.

I want to Start a new cycle and Looking for a source which is shipping to germany.

I never bought my stuff from the Internet before, so i wanted to make it as safe as possible.

Hope someone can help me out with his experience about the a whole and good Prozess for germany

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You need to choose EU source.
Check reviews Sir...

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Oh ok sorry.
So if i Filter like the top 10 for EU, are they safe to order ? Are These reviews real or are there also "scammers"

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Quick note, some of the sources lister under the intl. tab have some EU warehouses.

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international sources have warehouses located among nations

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Reviews are real. Also go to the source introduction page to get a better feel for the source and ask any questions about the source there.

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Can't talk about sources in the open forums here either. Just look on the homepage. All kinds of sources there that you can filter for your area.

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