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+ 1 My humble appreciation


I made ADV status here at eroids and like to to thank all the members for awarding me points.

BFG and Mods do have their hands full keeping this together and I thank them too.

When you see a guy or gal has posted or replied in a fashion that displays experience, insight, makes you think or reveals some personal suffering whether mental or physical in an attempt to save you from the same path of discomfort or pain. Also look for "I did" and the "IMO" and "IME" . . . might not fit you but at least it's real and not some copy and paste article, so when you find more then "yep" or "No HOMO" consider the effort given and.....

Click some points for that member!

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Nice one Doc

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It's because of you and a handful of other brothers on here that make OUR job easier because I'm comfortable that the proper info is getting out there to the youngsters and less experienced... Now I can spend more time lurking in the shadows and less time in the Forums battling bad (and dangerous) information...

I tip my cap to you sir (If I were a guy that wore fucking caps!)

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Well deserved my friend.

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I feel the same exact way Abby, happy I found you her bro. If this sounds "homo" to anyone well that because it is.

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lmao,well said its good to share with someone with same beliefs.

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You deserve it bro, your advice and info and funny rants are much appreciated

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...and with great power come greater responsibility

... and when there were only one set of footprints in the sand -- Whoa! WTF! Where did that come from?!

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Well deserved Dr. AbbY and remember, with ADV status your vote now ads +2/-2 to user's karma :]


nice my brother from another mother,you deserve ADV status well done.

I know for a fact you will keep giving THE REAL DEAL because it is THE ONLY WAY.

Keep it coming brother AbbY lets prove that LESS IS MORE and try to make a difference.


fuck normal man your a wolf not a sheep thats clear,i always flip back to things my dad preached it keeps me right (i think) lol...


lmfao again.