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I may have not found the topics covering injuries. Just wondering if anyone has advice on the best way to get treatment.
I have a hard lump of what I think is scarred tissue or a really tough built up chain of knotted muscle in my lat. I did manage to release it slightly through a lot of serious hard work with massage guns and rollers and all sorts for a few weeks non stop and it did release some but it came straight back. It's been built up for over a couple of years now
I was over using it doing heavy lifting, boxing, playing badminton and volleyball -its my dominant arm -the right one
It is really affecting my shoulder and bench press and I want to know who is the best type of specialist to look for as most rehab places aren't really catered for larger muscular guys in my experience
Any advice appreciated
Thanks --

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I have one of these spikey massage balls - its a solid plastic one probably about 10cm in diameter. Bought it when my rotator cuff was slightly torn just on the off chance it may actually do something! Surprisingly enough I've found it works really well - I would put it against the kitchen wall and press my front delt up against it and roll around whilst my food was cooking LMAO once its over the point of the injury you'll really know about it as its kind of a sense of both medium pain but also pleasure - I guess like an Orgasm during a bondage session!! Do it for a minute or 2 and it defo encourages blood into the area which speeds up healing.

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I got carried away with my last comment. I haven't actually used a spikey ball but I'm curious about the bondage type pleasure
So this is after the injury has healed
I'm not a heavy bondage guy personally, but like an orgasm you say?
I will have to research this

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I have used massage balls and various tools. I had to really work to finally get a knot to release. it came out in a different area on the shoulder and was painful I read up and I think this was lactic acid and toxin build up from the knot coming out. It was throbbing pain constantly for a couple of weeks, I struggled sleeping at the time too. This knot had been built up for over a year at least then and it must have been one of a chain which is what they can do and I just carried on with it as it was but my bench press struggled with heavy weights which is heartbreaking but it has got bad again and I'm getting it looked at. I'm using a massage gun atm
I will let you know how it goes if anyone is interested or has similar experience let me know

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I would go see an athletic therapist. You can also try dry needling helps immensely to get rid of muscle knots and super tight muscles. Heat helps loosen muscles up too so taking hot baths could help. When I have a really bad know I grab a lacrosse ball or any hard ball, baseball is good too and I role out on it, you can get it right in the exact spot the muscle is tight and you put your weight into the ball and it’ll hurt like a bitch when right on the muscle but if you keep it on the kuscle the muscle will start to loosen up.

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I have used massage balls and it is hard work and painful and it didn't fully get rid of it so I think I need to find a good specialist. Heating the muscles before massaging is a good tip too. Thanks

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Maybe try a chiropractor. I have had good success with them. Warning IMO there are good one and bad ones out there. If they start talking about 2 or 3 times a week adjustments find someone else. They are just after your money. I had a few of those, they would always call and try to get me in for a visit. They seemed shady. Finally found one that said that I didn't need 3 times a week, it was a waste of money. And to just call when needed. But anyway...I understand what you going through. A have 2 friends that swear by acupuncture. But I have never tried it.

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Sports medicine folks are skilled in that area. My buddy also sees a masseus (sp) that only works on atheletes. My back is where i carry my tension so i can understand that type of pain. Ugh!!

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I need to find a good sports masseuse definitely. Need to get it looked at properly