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Sustanon/NPP Log


1st cycle after being out for more than 3 months with a spinal injury (herniated disc) and decided to keep it a little simpler with two oils and no orals this go round. Lost about 20lbs and couldn't walk/stand for more than 2 months.

Starting this at ~210lbs and pretty lean, aiming to lean out even more too 200lbs along with a much fuller set of legs and chest. Special thanks to Anavar and GH for helping me retain a decent amount of muscle. Also to the remaining Clen I had when going out for runs.

Training will be as follows, trying out a hybrid approach with trail running for cardio/mental health. Eventually aiming to do a half marathon! Focus will be on single leg movements during lower body days with special attention to weight control/stability

Day 1 - 3 x Mobility Work (Recovery Day)

Day 2 - Lower

  • Free Motion Single Leg Squats
  • Single Leg Press
  • Single Leg Curls
  • Hip Thrusts
  • Banded Leg Extensions
  • Seated Calf Raises

Day 3 - 4 Mile Run/Interval Sprint & Mobility Work

Day 4 - Upper

  • T-Bar Row
  • Decline Bench Press
  • Pull-Downs
  • Machine Overhead Press
  • Machine Preacher Curls
  • Single Arm Overhead Tricep Extensions
  • Abs

Day 5 - 4 Mile Rucking, Lake Rowing or 30 Min Stairmaster w/30lb Ruck & Mobility Work

Day 6 - Lower

  • Nordic Hamstring Curls
  • Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Single Leg DB Romanian Deadlifts
  • Smith Machine Close Stance Front Squat
  • Romanian Chair Hip Extensions
  • Seated Abduction
  • Seated Adduction
  • Standing Calf Raises

Day 7 - Upper

  • Incline BB Press
  • Wide Grip Seated Row
  • Machine Dip
  • Reverse Pec Dec Fly
  • Single Arm DB Lat Raises
  • Seated Calf Raises
  • Abs

Simple Diet

Weekday (daily intake below)

250G Non-Fat Greek Yogurt
200G Strawberries
400G Chicken Thighs (Boneless/Skinless)
400G Rice
40G Oats
Whole Lotta Veggies
4-6 Scoops of Grass-Fed Whey

Weekend (Saturdays)

Bloody Marys
Cold Pilsners
Fried Chicken and Waffles
you get the idea...


Sustanon, GH and HCG from Gorilla King
DHB from Alphawolf (EDIT: moving over to NPP instead - from Gorilla King)
Adex from OSGear

1750mg300mg4iu ED1000 weekly
2750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
3750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
4750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
5750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
6750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
7750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
8750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
9750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
10750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
11750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
12750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
13750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
14750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
15750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
16750mg300mg4iu ED.25mg EOD1000 weekly
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Hows the cycle going so far? I always hear different responses to when DHB "kicks in". I can normally feel cyp/enanth esters within a couple weeks

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I'm about 1.5 weeks in and the only thing I'm really feeling/seeing is the strength that I lost -- def coming back. Nothing crazy yet, expecting (and hoping) to start feeling the DHB by the end of week 3.

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Actually looking pretty good.
Ya got your basic base test 500mg wk dose, an added 300mg wk from dhb providing that added anabolism, but according to research it's 2x as anabolic as test, your 4IUs of GH which is more than enough for tendon, ligament and muscle support and repair, adex for estrogen and hcg of 1000iu week which is enough to keep those boys in check. Nice and healthy looking cycle.

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Looks good bro. I am debating DHB for my next cycle, very similar to this. I dont think injectable orals would be great here. In my experience, the Sust will give you the immediate "on" feeling so an oral kickstart would not do much but be toxic

If you still want to do some oral, I would recommend ending with tbol. Tbol is not as strong as dbol or drol but it finishes a cycle nicely. I think of it as a fuller version of var

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Sounds good man. I would leave the DHB where it's at. It's honestly really awesome at that dose. Very potent. I think you should leave the injectable orals out. You don't need that little bit of toxicity right now, stick with the oils.

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Appreciate the feedback. Will leave everything as-is and not add anything else.