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+ 5 Recomp Cycle

Recomp Cycle

Aiming to run Test/Mast/Tren/NPP cycle for about 18 weeks with a Var finisher.
RIP blend for the 1st 6 weeks, NPP for the next 6 weeks then RIP blend along with NPP for the last 6.

This is really my first cycle back in an actual gym after 4-5ish years. I ran Test/Deca/NPP at the beginning of the year (also lengthy) but only focused on Olympic lifting like snatches and cleans, while nutrition was pretty good I wasn't really tracking it. Basically got my 'feet wet' to get that pinning routine back and refresh my memory on all compounds. Looking forward to being back to where I was years ago.

Bloods being done (pre/mid/post cycle). Pre-cycle bloods uploaded.
NAC/TUDCA on hand and taken daily.

Week 1-12 DC T400/Mast/Tri-Blend
Week 12-18 Alphawolf Ripex

Week 1-18 Titan Aro
Week 11-18 Alphawolf Var

A little about me/my experience

Started AAS in my early 20s after doing about 1.5-2 years of research (which was not enough in my opinion). Went on to partially tear my right pec after my ~3rd cycle which was the culmination of too much too soon and not caring much for proper stretching, warming up or technique. Spent about a year recovering as I wanted to take it slow and understand where things went wrong. Jumped back in and had decent runs with Tren where I was able to get everything back and then some. Thankfully, I was able to manage both Tren A/E quite well with no complications.

Shortly afterwards and before I completely took a break from AAS I was stupidly self-dosing TRT and running blasts (off/on not just straight blasting to be clear) for about 2 years in the name of 'consistency.' Which lead to burn out and me leaving the game all together. I luckily found it pretty easy to recover from such a long shutdown and managed it all myself without a Doc. This is not something I should have toyed with.

After leaving all gym training, I went back into sports (recreational this time) for about 4 years and lost about 30-40lbs. A year of that includes an attempt at Crossfit but was short lived (that 'culture' just wasn't for me). Was able to learn a good deal about my body and limitations during this period though.

Training (5AM)

Day 1 Pull
Day 2 Push
Day 3 Legs
Day 4 Chest/Back
Day 5 Shoulders/Arms

Rep Tempo for all: 2121
Rest Pause Sets
Drop Sets


Goal is to hit 9k steps a day. ~20mins of moderate cardio take out ~1500k steps from goal. Mostly aiming for stairmaster.

Stretching (PM)

Have a decent mobility routine which I will do before bed. 15 minute allocation.


Macros: 280p/320c/65f


Currently sitting at 200lbs and will most likely end up in the 215 range with (hopefully) ~9%bf. Focus will be on some weak points like upper/mid chest, lats/lower back, arms and outer quads.

Will fight the whole way to lean out and get rid of some stubborn fat.

I welcome any feedback, will be coming back with updates throughout.

TestMast ERIP BlendAnavarNPPTren AceCaberHCGAroClomidNolva
400mg350mg1ml x26.25 ED
4003501ml x26.25
4003501ml x26.25
4003501ml x26.25
4003501ml x26.25
4003501ml x2200mg6.25
500400400.25mg x26.25
500400400.25mg x26.25
500400400.25mg x212.5
500400400.25mg x212.5
50040075mg400.25mg x212.5
50040075400.25mg x212.5
50040075400.25mg x212.5
50040075400.25mg x212.5
50040075400.25mg x212.5
50040075400.25mg x212.5
50040075400.25mg x212.5
50040075400.25mg x212.5
.25mg x212.5
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You know what I really appreciate the backstory and details that go along with this, more people should detail like this its helpful for the community. Great work!

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I like the training split super setting push and pulls is how to stay cut my friend

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Nice man!

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Recomping is great and all but have you tried starting a bulk at 10% and being super strict with your macros, training and rest? I wasted so much time tricking myself into dirty bulks, recomps, suicide cuts and everything in between. For me now it’s all about using the gear to grow lean and never reaching the high teens bf%, then cut down on low dosages while keeping health makers happy.

Don’t be one of the many dudes on here who only look impressive on the tail end of a cycle. Keep us posted.

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Yeah brother, no reason to get fat on a bulk. Bulks done right should be mostly muscle.

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100%. Your posts don’t get enough praise mate.

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If you are going to run a cycle for that length of time I would go with all long esters and skip the rip blend. I could see a short kicker with the rip blend but that would be it.

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So that’s what I originally had planned but my coach was hesitant for me to use Tren all together (since I haven’t used it in more than 5 years) but budged with the shorter ester (wants to see how I react to Tren now and be able to manage it more quickly just in case).

If all is fine then continue with option 1 (will try to raise the Tren E point) and if things get rocky then option 2 is my guess.

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