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-5 Nandrolone Cycle


As a disclaimer to any reader, this does not constitute a great cycle, it is a chart of where I am at with an expectation of guidance to a good outcome. It is posted so that those who are willing to share experience can do so. For those who want to be abusive, just roll on, it was not put here for your entertainment.

I expect to drop almost half my body fat from 24% to 14% by October 07, 2018 and return my physical strength, muscle tissue measurements to 90% of their historical maximum. Waist measurement to 34" across the belly button.

I expect a gain in lean muscle even with the large weight loss.

I am not using any orals because:
I have never suffered Test side effects and my blood tests have never shown any estro issues. My red blood cell count stays high, so that is something to keep a very close eye upon. While my liver profiles are always within the normal range, I don't want to tax them more than cycling, so if not needed, don't take it.

Deca pushes my strength values high enough that I will not use Dbol or any other stack items. Again, why push the liver. I figure the monumental strength return is as much as my body needs, and it could well use a smooth bit at the end of this cycle.

I am already on week five of this cycle, as has been brought to my attention. I intend to follow through on this cycle to the 12-weeks, so any criticism, please keep to safety or anecdotal experience and not just bashing.

The NPP was by choice, the Undecanoate was a result of a Tri Blend that has worked great. I would not likely put Undecanoate into the mix again.

I maintain Cabaser and Letro for nor-19 and I have preiously found myself in position to take at 1/2 tablet on the Cabaser as per needs, but not ever needed for duration or by schedule.

WeekTestosterone UndecanoateNPPNan DecaNan UnecanoateTest EAromasin
6600mg250mg25mg eod
7600mg500mg25mg eod
8600mg750mg25mg eod
9600mg750mg25mg eod
10600mg500mg25mg eod
11600mg250mg25mg eod
12250mg600mg250mg25mg eod
13250mg600mg250mg25mg eod
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are you sure you taking gear ? I think you need to hit the gym and stop even thinking of Deca. You need some professional help from real trainer and change everything what you are doing and what you done before.this ´cycles ´ or wtf you doing are pure shit and people are gonna eat you have to be brave bro to even post this pictures Biggrin sorry -1-1

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You know as much as I agree with you at least the dudes honest...

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Am saying a prayer for you and your family. -1

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hahaha lol...You have a way with words Giar.

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Not one to pussy neg so I gave you the -2.

You’re a mess, the community have told you this, it’s clear to see in what you say and your complete disregard for your health. Eroids aren’t going to co sign anything like this or pussy foot around. Rusty and samiam are 100% with their comments.

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Here's the bottom line. You cant out gear a bad diet. Your diet is what got your body in this condition. It's going to take a diet to get it out. It's going to take awhile. The gears not going to do it. Theres no question your going to hold water on this cycle. Rusty's telling you right..

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Sorry to cut in on your thread, but thought I add. I'd agree with most of what you said, but of coarse more muscle burns more fat. I was 20% a year ago when I started Sustanon and dbol. Had my testosterone levels up to 3000 at one point. I was discouraged, because the scale wouldn't budge and I was eating clean and just below my maintenance. After a full year and 3 cycles later my waist size shrunk by 6 inches. But it takes a lot of time like @SAM I Am said, also perseverance at the gym and consistency. Know your BMR. Have your macros in check and eat clean. It can be done. Good luck, brother!

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thats a shit load of nandrolones.

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Expect some estrogen problems at your current body fat level. Goodluck

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It sounds like the estro is already up lol

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1 cor 5:11.

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Bloods always get a plus 2 frome me even if I dont agree on yhe cycle. Be careful. Haveing gyno and no sex drive would suck..

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