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First cycle. 174cm 74kg. Test E with pct.



This is going to be my first cycle ever. Yesterday marked a year since I returned to training. I have always been physically active and trained during my teenage years.

Here are my current statistics:

Height: 174 cm (5'7")
Weight: 74 kg (163 lbs)
Body fat: Around 10-12%
Age: 26
Despite my efforts to consume 2g of protein per kg of body weight and increase my calorie intake, I have never been able to surpass 74 kg in weight. Surprisingly, I don't gain any fat even if I don't do cardio or abs, and my body fat percentage remains at around 10% without trying. I've been stuck at this weight for several months now.

I am planning to start this cycle to not only gain mass but also to increase my testosterone levels. I would appreciate any feedback from individuals who have more knowledge in this area.

Thank you so much!

Week/ProductTestosterone EnanthateArimidex (if needed)HCGClomiphene CitrateTamoxifen Citrate
4500mgBlood work - 0.50mg/every 3 days
5500mg0.50mg/every 3 days
6500mg0.50mg/every 3 days2500IU
7500mg0.50mg/every 3 days
8500mg0.50mg/every 3 days
9500mg0.50mg/every 3 days
10500mg0.50mg/every 3 days
11500mg0.50mg/every 3 days
12500mg0.50mg/every 3 days
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Best thing to do when hitting a wall is to add another 500 calories. And you say your bodyfat foesnt go up add another 1,000 calories Add two extra meals aday. Keep yourself full. Not just add bigger meals. For me i understand your situation and when i add 2 extra meals i can get 15 pounds. But im honest and i am to lazy cause inhave to wake up earlier and stay awake longer

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I advise everyone to not really touch anything before 30 unless medically necessary. And this is from a guys who's natty T level was 300 at 22. I still waited until I was 30. Arguing with Mak and rusty is not really a good idea. Mak is a wizard with diet when I plateued in my weight loss in this recent comeback he helped me get my diet right and now I'm 40 with visible abs most days, stronger than ever and on the lowest amount of drugs I've been on. I've been on gear 10 years and at 40 just realized last year how important diet was. And rusty helps anyone too those are two of the most valuable people here for info and help.

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As others have mentioned below, eat more. It is difficult but it is also really that simple. Given your stats and what you have said, the likeliness is that AAS aren't for you.
You might be surprised and happy at 170-180lbs. You seem genetically gifted so it wont be that hard to obtain naturally.

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You are not even eating 1g of protein/lb of bodyweight. You need to double your protein intake if you want to build any muscle. Sounds like you have a fast metabolism if you don't gain any fat no matter what. That means 300+ grams of protein and 1000 cals over your TDEE. If 1000 cals above doesn't do it, you go 1500. That is where you need to go at this point. Steroids don't make up for an inadequate diet, you still won't build any muscle, just glycogen retention which will all disappear once you stop.

Not sure what you exactly mean by using this cycle to increase your testosterone levels. Pinning exogenous test isn't additive to your natty production of test if that is what you are thinking. It will completely shut down any natty production.


In one year, I've gained 12 kg (25 pounds) of muscle, which represents a 20% increase in my body weight. But yeah I just got stuck at 74 kgs now.

In addition to my workout routine, I plan to be more committed to my diet and caloric intake.

I appreciate your suggestion to increase my protein consumption because I had previously read somewhere that consuming more than 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is unnecessary, as the body cannot process that much protein.

Yes, I know that artificial test will stop my natural testosterone production, but It is used to treat low testosterone levels in males, right? So It will be higher.

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You were only 138lbs to begin with, I wouldn't have expected anything less than 25lbs. Can pretty much do that without even thinking given your starting stats. Now you have to get smart about dieting and training because the super easy weight was already put on. AAS doesn't mean a free ticket to gain muscle, just a free ticket to blow up on glycogen loading and shutting down your natty production. There is alot more to it than just pinning something and hoping to grow. Huge chunk of people pinning steroids and still look completely natty so the proof is in the pudding.

I would predict another 2-3lbs of natural muscle a month if you start dieting like a real bodybuilder and not listing to the YouTube fitness gurus about dieting and protein consumption. I would expect a real natty plateau to occur after another 10-15lbs is put on. Then you need to weigh the pros vs cons to determine if you want to run a cycle. Why run a cycle and risk the consequences when you don't have to. You have only been back at for a year. Probably talking to a wall here though.


You're not talking to a wall, no need to be so negative. I wrote here to get such opinions, and I appreciate it very much. I'm not trying to gain tons of weight, just wished to reach 176 pounds.

So I might just try adjusting my diet and consuming more proteins, adding 1.5k calories over my TDEE even though it will be very difficult to eat that much.

Thank you.

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I would listen to Makwa he is very smart when it comes to diet and AAS. You body is stuck it is at a point it doesn't want to go any higher. Homeostasis it is called. Now like Makwa is saying is adding more is shocking your body and it will adjust if you constantly feed it. Yea you will feel sick and hate eating but that is part of getting big and adding weight. Need to overfeed yourself to get bigger. Once you get on the next weight your body will be stuck take a break eat what it takes to maintain that for however long Makwa suggests then start again and start eating to gain more.

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Pssst....heres a secret.....hes your height and been up near 225 rocked plus the ifbb PRO tag. Mind your manners. Hes the politest dude on here...

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He's not being negative man. This guy actually knows that he's talking about. He just gets straight to the point. He's looking out for you man. I hope you reach your goals. All love.

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I do a lot of shakes throughout the day to squeeze in all that extra protein. Eating is a pain in the ass that much protein. You will have to hit the toilet a lot more though lol.

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It sounds to me like you are an Ectomorphic body type like myself - narrow shoulders, narrow hips, no depth in the ribcage, long thin limbs such as arms and legs with short muscle bellies, basically the WORST when it comes to natural bodybuilding! You are probably fairly strong for your bodyweight though I am guessing. Your appetite is pretty average/poor but definitely not a heavy eater. In all fairness I don't think 163lb's at 5'7 is a bad bodyweight natty, if you were a stocky, broad mesomorphic type or fatter endomorph then you would be heavier for sure - but you or I aren't and it sucks and it is what it is. Unfortunately it isn't a one size fits all when it comes to general size and what you should weigh, plus we all have varying metabolism rates and degrees to how we store food on us. Same with training styles and intensities - I feel buggered after just 3 hard sets where as others will do no less than 20 working sets in training, we all have different tolerances.

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Well, I really don't know. I have friends at the gym who are the same height, and they weigh 185, but I look much bigger at 165. Also, my chest, biceps, legs, and calves are bigger when measured. My weight is a complete mystery to them. When it comes to my weight, I really don't understand what makes me weigh so little. When looking at the picture, I can definitely say that green guy is my body type. That's a very interesting thought that made me do a little investigation. Thank you

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Many things. You could have smaller joints and bones then those guys. Which will make u look bigger but in turn makes it harder to gain weight since you already have alot of muscle on a smaller frame. Do you have cankles or athletic calves which are sprinter type calves? That is more of a fast twitch type of muscle for most people. It is the same type of scouting done for offensive tackles in football and telling if they are more athletic then the claves that are what I call cankles.

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Who knows then bud - If you think you are mesomorphic then putting on muscular weight and size should be fairly straight forward Scratch one-s head

That's me like 4 months ago. I was 156 lbs. But yeah I am pretty sure that my body type is mesomorphic. Like Makwa said I think I just have to eat better, and if not I'll jump on this cycle. Thank you for telling me about these body types, I am glad I found out what type is mine.

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You got lotta work to do. Keep it fun and its worth it.

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Its quite hard to tell from that as you need to see the persons face also (not that I am saying put it up!! lol) - Do you have a square masculine jaw too rather than a round oval type face? I think you have a bit of ecto in you crossed with maybe mesomorph. People are often a blend of 2. Yep only you knows how you really eat during the day, if you make every meal count etc. For example I have recently started eating red meat a lot more as I was mainly a chicken lover lol Just replacing half of those meals has made me feel like a different person during the day and training, loads more energy and drive - I've fucked the McDonalds off!! LMAO (for now LOL)

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More creatine in that red meat.

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More of everything isn't there bud, Zinc, Iron, B Vitamins - seriously its made me feel a LOT different! Literally the only obstacle I have had with it so far is its harder to digest so when having it first thing in a morning it sits heavy on my stomach as opposed to chicken, better as a second meal and so on in the day. Big fan of slow cooked brisket and pulled. Cannot stand fatty beef lol

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Cut into smaller pieces, and drink more water. Red meat is pretty dense and breaks down slow.
I'm with you on the slow cooked brisket, especially smoked....with a good BBQ sauce preferably with some spice to it lol makin me hungry

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Has to have some good marbling to it also. Those are much more tender.

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I like a good amount of fat to min, adds to the flavor. Get it nice and crispy.

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I need to get a little bit more economical with spending money on my meats. Instead of going to the grocery stores maybe I should look into one of those small meat market places. I gotta get with the program though. Either way I'm gonna get my damn protein, either way. Wish I could hunt something and have it butchered and have meat for endless days. Would save alot of money.

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If I had the time to hunt I would. Where I live doesn't help lol. My wife likes to buy in bulk. So I try to get a lot at once and freeze.

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Kinda hard to hunt ellk, deer in the city/ suburb. Wish there was some wildlife area close by me. I like water and wildlife. It's soothing to me.

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Oh yeah I come from I wouldn't say the boonies but lived by water and woods majority of my life. Big city near by so I luved around the city life. I moved over a year ago for a job opportunity so I'm away from all that unfortunately. I'll go back, not back home but to that woods n water life someday.

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I need that wood and water life in my life! Like I said big city life overrated

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Cheapest way for me is to open the back door and shoot whatever is standing in the yard. Deer, turkeys, rabbits, squirrels. Lot of critters running around here. Lol