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Isotretinoin (Accutane) 20mg Tabs Para Pharma-UGFreak


Just received some Isotretinoin from UGFreak. They are the Para Pharma 20mg tabs x 100, small round yellow tabs slit on one side imprinted PP. I have never taken anything for acne before except the typical face/body washes labeled for controlling acne. Throughout my life my skin is normally good except for dryness in winters which lotion easily fixes. On gear my skin does get oily but it is usually controlled with otc face/body washes. Now years later the last couple of cycles I will get these deep pimples that take a week or two to go away, after researching online I think it is called cystic ance. I have known about accutane for awhile now but never thought about taking it due to hearing bad side effects until recently finding a few articles and studies about positive results with low dose Isotretinoin. A study I'm looking at now is from the Indian Journal of Dermatology where participants took 20mg/day for 3 months and 90% had very good results, seems the main side effect was chapped lips. I have 100 tabs so this should give me the 3 months at 20mg/day. I also got some more Proviron to fill my supply. As for the Para Pharma brand I have taken many of there products ordered from UGFreak and always had positive results from them so I figured there Accutane would be good to try.

I am curious about others results from Accutane specifically a low dose schedule.

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I wanted to update after finishing the 100 tabs of the Isotretinoin. I took just 20mg/day everyday and did not notice any negative side effects, not even chapped lips I read some people get while taking it. When I was taking it I never had another large deep pimple(cyst). I will say by the 2nd-3rd week my skin looked notably better, less and less little pimples and red spots. I'm going by memory and want to say by the 2nd month my skin looked normal again and stayed that way. I continued taking it even though I didnt feel I needed to. I finished the 100 tabs about 3 weeks ago and now my skin is is feeling oily again, on my forehead mostly. Im also getting pimples again, on my forehead and chin, and I have a deep pimple on the right side of my forehead thats red and annoying. So, I will say the stuff 100% worked for me, completely cleared my skin and no noticeable negative side effects. But now that I havent taken it my oily skin is coming back. Maybe I need to take it longer, or maybe it just works while taking it. Either way I am about to order some more.

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@Locomocolifter ^^THIS^^

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I was always under the impression you blast it ramped up to around 1mg per kg of body weight for 6-8 months and that’s how you get solid results. I see a lot of lads running 20mg for a couple of months, stop then run it again. There is no right or wrong here, however accutane did fuck with my head so personally preferred to run it high and never run it again - which worked for me I’ve been acne free since.

I also ran pharma which is a capsule containing gel.

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That is what I am finding also, that it works after you have taken a certain amount. The study I posted below mentions "duration of treatment-based on the weight of patient, until total cumulative dose of 120mg/kg of body weight is achieved.". So I think that's where adding up the daily dose and figuring in half lives come in. I think this 20mg/day route is the way to go for me, took my 3rd dose today and haven't noticed any negative effects at all.

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I had horrible cystic acne covering my entire back and shoulders.. 20mg a day of UGL Accutane cleared it just about completely aside from some dark spots/scarring in just a few months. Not sure why doctors are prescribing absurd amounts to start. I had zero side effects the entire time too. Never tried parapharma Accutane so keep us posted about how it goes

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I will definitely post my results along the way. That is great news to hear about 20mg/day working for you. Took my 3rd dose this morning and have not felt any side effects at all which is a great sign. I am dealing with some pretty bad lumps right now, a deep one on the side of my chin that is thankfully going away but i have another one on the side of my forehead, over a week now and its like half a marble size with the swelling, I wear a hat to hide it but its right at the brim line and it hurts. I dont have acne everywhere, its just 1 or 2 deep ones that pop up randomly on my face and chest that take over a week to go away.

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It took me 6-7 days before I really started seeing the "drying" effect. Big ones take a bit longer to start going down, but the overall facial oils should be noticeably less.

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I can't give you medical chapter and verse, but I do have a general understanding on it if it helps and use it as well. To make it short, 20 mg/day is considered pretty low dose. Dermatologists run it at 40-80mg/day for a month at a time, and re-evaluate effectiveness (labs included of course). Low dose issues for most part you're looking at dried skin, dried mucous, eyes, lips, etc. and sometimes a little GI (tummy) upset. Biggest concern for us is its also bad for Triglycerides. So compound that with the gear, that's eats away at it too, and you see the concern. And for those that like the oral gear that can cause a stomach upset, then this may not help with that. But a lot of medical info on Accutane is pretty easy to follow with a little research. My two cents is if you run gear with it, make sure you follow up with labs so you don't have big cholesterol issues down the road.

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Thats why I initially never considered taking it fearing the negative side effects until I read up on low dose that hopefully, fingers crossed wont mess with lipids and liver.

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You should be good at low dose Chief, I get the deep ones too. It's my big side effect I have to watch and balance. Was horrible during my adolescence, so I knew adding AAS level gear was gonna flare it up. But I also like to run high on e2 and don't have gyno issues, so there's that i guess. Just be ready for the drying out and increase water intake. It's cutting the sebaceous oils, so anywhere skin that was kinda dry, really will be. Try hypo-allergenic lotion if its gets really dry. And I'm using that product as well, just from different source. Good luck.