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+ 2 OSGear Landed- Nakon & Ultima Products.


Due to an illness I had stopped all gear and even wasnt able to workout for awhile, now I am back to feeling 100%, back to the gym regularly the past few months and ready to go.
I noticed OSGear had a promo/sale so I made 2 orders at the end of October and they just recently landed. Promo products are Nakon and paid for the Ultima. For the Nakon products I got Test 350 Blend, Anavar, Cialis, Letrozol and Tamoxifen. For the Ultima products I got Test Enanthate 400, more Anavar, Dbol and more Tamoxifen. Packaging looks professional, I like how they have the scratch off verification codes. I'm happy to see most Exp dates are 2026, I wont be running high doses of most products so it will last me for a few cycles. With both brands all the pills look the exact same, plain white scored on one side. If removed from the blister pack you wouldnt really know which is which. Cannot wait to see the results from these two brands. Will be following up with cycles, tests, results and reviews in the future.

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Thank you for the TD pic and enjoy the products!

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I have some of that nolvadex. The dbol is good. Perfectly dosed imo.

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Keep those ultima tabs in the box. They don't do different colors they're all white.

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Haha so annoying tbh, all their tabs are exactly the same. I accidentally got my Var 50 and 10s mixed up with with my Arimidex hahah also the tabs crumble wen popping out of the package.. terrible for splitting

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The Nakon pills all look the exact same as the Ultima also. Looks like they could of been made in the same factory. I use a weekly pill organizer that has AM and PM and get them ready for the week so it should be easier to keep track of.

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Even if out the box, they are labeled blister packs if I am not mistaken.

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The Ultima just has Ultima Pharmaceuticals printed on the foil and the Nakon just has Nakon Medical printed, they dont have what the pills are.

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Well that's kinda inconvenient lol

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I got my dbols mixed up with my Nolva hahaha

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HAHAHA Didn't you wonder when you were training why you were suddenly getting strong AF, feeling great and growing some Titties!!! LMFAO