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I could not manage my life alone. I had tried that road and failed. My "ultimate sin" dragged me down to the lowest level I have ever reached and, unable even to function, I accepted the fact that I desperately needed help. I stopped fighting and surrendered entirely to God.
Only then did I start growing! God forgave me. A Higher Power had to have saved me, because the doctors doubted that I would survive. I have forgiven myself now and I enjoy a freedom I have never before experienced. I've opened my heart and mind to Him. The more I learn, the less I know — a humbling fact — but I sincerely want to keep growing. I enjoy serenity, but only when I entrust my life totally to God. As long as I am honest with myself and ask for His help, I can maintain this rewarding existence.
Just for today, I strive to live His will for me — soberly.
I thank God that today I can choose not to drink.
Today, life is beautiful!

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Wow~! Thank you Yukon Jack. I have a choice today too. My life was so unmanageable, I tried to end my life. The ER doc, English was hot his first language, but when Doc said "There is nothing we can do for you until you start to do for yourself" I understood him. That moment was just one of my Spiritual Awakenings. I had lots of Higher Powers in active addiction: Doctors who said I must take this to get better, lawyers who said I must retain them to get help, Judges who said community service instead of incarceration. Grateful I found this thread too.
Just for today I will strive to live God's will. Just for today I will lift.

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I know what thats like desperation, disspare past your rock bottom past the point of breaking. Its such a nasty feeling when your at that point. You feel like your on a isolated island when no hope of ever getting off. Its a miracle that we where ever able to last as long as we did with out ending up in the morgue. But in all that God grants us the 1 moment of clarity to realize that we can do better that we can start to love our self that we can God willing get clean.