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+ 3 Lab test for igf1


I’ve used several Hgh sources over the years. I think this will be my new source . When you weigh out everything... They’re domestic, very reasonably priced, and most importantly a great product. Check out my lab test. So I hadn’t take any Hgh for about 6 weeks. My baseline igf1 was at 66. I have these labs posted on here also. I took 5ius split am and pm, 5 on and 2 off. Felt all the sides and improvement in sleep and skin. Energy increase as well. Igf1 is now 321 almost 5 times my baseline.

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I think that's pretty good considering where ur baseline normal sits.... When I start everything up and going I'm gunna try eod pins for awhile... I was recently listen to fouads podcast and James and Iain were on there and a question came up about gh and best time and protocol was and they all pretty much said they were doing eod and that's what Patrick has James and Ian doing instead of the five on two off... I'm gunna be running all pharm grade Lilly and Pfizer when I pull bloods I'll let u know how they come out and what iu I'm doing and how I'm pinning it... And when I do go for the bloods I'm gunna make sure it's on a day where I pin. I'll probably start at 4 iu and go up to 6iu once I'm at 6 I'll prob do like 4 iu first thing when I wake up and the other 2 ius before bed.... Depending on how tired I start getting it could change to pinning it all before bed

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Good man.. I’ll look forward to seeing those results.

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I think those numbers are good. 5 on 2 off could skew the numbers. You could be like me too. My numbers just don’t test that high for igf1. I got my highest number ever back today at 465 for genos at 4.2 iu single dose and single dose will result in a larger number if you inject the HGH and do the blood draw at the right times.
I would post them but they didn’t have my estrogen on there which was part of the panel. They said they would get it to me just takes longer, it’s for my mid cycle blood work. + for testing.

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Are you saying 5iu is a big dose and igf1 should be 642 on said dose?. . The highest my igf1 score has ever been was 515.... that’s when I was taking the nords Pharma pens.
A good score for sure.. Even though I was taking less ius then it was costing me roughly 500 per month. What I’m doing now costs about 150.... I could get even lower if I bought bigger quantities.

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Thank you for your testing sir!
Enjoy it!