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+ 4 Sciroxx GH and sustanon blood tests


Hello.... these are my results.... as you can see I'm more than happy with my supplier sciroxx. I didn't know test could be that high considering I'm only taking 300mg of pentadex weekly, oxanadex @ 60mg daily for about 4 weeks now. About 3 days before the draw I introduced halodex @ 30 daily. Blood was drawn at 8.30am. At 5.30am I pinned 10ius of somastim IM in the delt.
Thank you mr karlx
So what do you boys think? Is it test too high? I'm 50 btw.
I appreciate your feedback

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Thanks for sharing bro.
These are some pretty good numbers.
Karl's somastim is definitely on point.

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Somastim from sciroxx....being doing 4ius ed for a year now.. at night an hour before bed.

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Ive always had great results with there products. Test is high but my concern would be on your chesterol. Diet has help me tremendously in the past, food for thought.

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Thanks...I know those numbers aren't the best. My diet is pretty clean although have been having more cheat days because of the gh. I think it's the var that's causing it because I had lipids done a few months back and everything was normal. I'll check again when I'm done with it.

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Yes keep an eye on it. Short term its no problem but its one of those things you dont want lingering around for extended periods.

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Nice I still wanna try scirox one day