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Estimated T/A: 
Domestic 10 days, International 21 days

Minimum Order: 

Payment Methods: 
Western Union

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Yep. Out of nowhere. Had been arguably the most reliable domestic source with legitimate products that I have found. And ridiculously fast shipping. Then placed two orders about a week apart - should’ve thought better after the first one showed is still processing after six days which is completely unlike them - and of course the second, bigger order got stuck in processing for weeks. Then the site in their store went down. Busted, exit scammed - The specifics aren’t really relevant. Bottom line is a bunch of longtime customers who put their faith in them, lost a good deal of money and trust . Yep out about $350 = outstanding

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I seen on another board they exit scammed. Got a lot of guys.

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Do Not shop here. I just tried posting a review and the website would not let me (not sure why). I have not received my package and they are not returning emails. I went on other boards and my understanding is that they were or used to be pretty solid until now. Same discussion is happening on other boards, SRX not sending packing or returning emails. For now, DO NOT SHOP HERE until SRX fixes its issues.

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I ordered almost $600 worth of gear. A few friends told me how great they were. The BTC transfer was completed and accepted within 5 minutes. It has now been 5 days and my order is still in the "processing" stage. I have tried to contact support twice with no answer.....

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I am not sure if I can say who I went with on here. But I ordered and paid thursday. Had my tracking friday night and its already projected to touchdown MONDAY.

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I bought from thesrxstore.to

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The source I used was ZERO issues. I ordered thursday received tracking friday and its already at the post office in my town its delivering tomorrow. so if you want the source PM me and ill give it to u

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T/D in 6 days. Well packaged and products look good

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They have some of the coolest blends you will see.

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They do have some crazy ass blends. Just checked the site out.