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Ordered in 3/22 and arrived today. Crazy quick for an international source. I have used ZPHC before but never from this source, and never used their GH, so I’m looking forward to trying this after I finish my kit from another source. ZPHC brand oils have always been great for me, I’m guessing the Gh will be as well.
Thanks, John, for the great service and quick delivery.

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Damn bro just dropped some paper. Have you ran their GH before?

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No I haven’t, just their oils.
I actually am running GH for the first time right now, from another source.

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I can always appreciate nice packaging. No source would ever make that kind of investment for weak shit. Good luck with it.

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It’s legit, holographic stickers, even a scratch-off verification code. Embossed lettering… it’s nuts. Their oils always had the best rubber stoppers too imo.

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I Got testo proprionate , from ZPHC and i must say the 10ml vial looks so good and the ZPHC like stamped on the vial hard to fake it to be honest and i see ZPHC seems to be legit source selling real Gear

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hi , did you used other products from ZPHC and where they good ? thanks

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See description above

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That’s a nice brick of growth right there. Let us know what you think