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Xeno NPP Landed internationally into U.S 9 days very fast for TD. Service from these guys was nothing less than great. About to go on a nice bulk with this.

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Love the labeling

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finished using 4 vials of these babies this summer.
Exactly same vaisl (yellow caps) from intl. service..
i didn't have chance to experience npp so long before...
combined with stanozlol and testb375 from same brand.. i can say that NPP made the difference. This is my new tren replacement.
And (i guess bec of stano 40mg/day) i had almost zero water retention. Was very vascular.. veins were like worldmap.. and add mass while cutting... very impressed... i can't wait to do same with Test P for next spring.

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Good lab bro i use masterone with a good result enjoy

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How mg you gonna run weekly?

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running at 400

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With tren to?

You tren whore!

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I am a tren whore for sure. if you saw the amount of tren i had you would be amazed. But no I cut the tren out. running NPP, TEST, Dbol

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